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By The Mark

One of my favorite songs is Stevie Ray’s Life by the Drop and it’s the way I try to live my life (i.e. mindfulness). When things get weird I pull a Swift and shake it off. Lately, I’ve noticed a higher level of consciousness evolving that I call living Life by the Mark.

Marks are continually occurring events of significance that I look forward to completing. The end of the work day, hump day, Friday, payday and big holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Last Thursday evening as I settled into my warm office to compose a post, I gave myself a silent little fistbump, another big mark down!

The ultimate mark every year is the last day of school around here, when I can take a deep breath and start planning my summer vacation. As the Fall approaches, I start the process all over again…

Here’s a snippet from Life By The Drop by Stevie Ray Vaughan:

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New Frehq

My latest app Frehq uses a sophisticated JQuery ajax technique called promises which is a deferred object that can handle multiple callbacks asynchronously and relay the success or failure state of each function back to the app as it happens. When you click Submit the program sends out a request to each RSS feed you have selected, simultaneously. As each feed comes back I turn the count indicator red and it’s fascinating to see the sequence they arrive, in real time.

I’ve also implemented a timeout value which stops each process if it exceeds x number of seconds. The default is five seconds, but you can adjust that value with the new slider at the bottom. If any selection exceeds the timer the control turns yellow, the whole thing stops, and you can de-select the slow retrieving feed or bump the timeout value up higher. This gives you control over how much time you’re willing to invest in receiving the content, and the flexibility I’m able to create just blows my old programmers mind!

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Sand Bags

The general theory of traction relativity while driving in the Rockies states that all-wheel drive Subarus are the best, followed by four-wheel drive, and then front-wheel drive, vehicles. Little rear-wheel drive trucks like mine don’t even fit in the equation.

My snow tires are top of the line Hankooks but I needed some weight over the rear end so I stopped into ACE and got four eighty pound sand bags. At five bucks a piece, it’s a great economical way to create 320lbs of traction.

I’m not sleeping back there and we can use the sand in the yard come Spring.

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Telomeres are the caps at the ends of our chromosomes that protect the DNA code of the genome. Telomeres shorten each time a cell divides and at a certain point when they reach a critical length, the cell can no longer divide and will die.

This is the human aging process and scientists are working on techniques to lengthen telomeres as a means of delaying the process, but there are things you can do to protect telomeres from shortening prematurely, such as eating a diet rich in antioxidants.

Cayenne pepper is antioxidant rich. Just saying…

My morning drink is a small can of V8 mixed with one teaspoon each of:
• Cayenne pepper (the hottest I can buy)
• Turmeric root (from the curcuma longa plant)
• Hawthorn berry (ground up in the coffee grinder)

It’s delicious! (Ok, maybe not…)

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Thanksgiving 15

It was another great Thanksgiving at my sisters mansion at the foot of the Tetons. Sis finally has all of her kids living here in the Valley and everyone seems pretty happy about it. Crazy uncle Jim was also there with his partner Steph and he brought along his cool scanner and a great corn dish. Click the photo below to see more…

… and the dogs were kept on the deck until after dinner:

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Steph’s office just won a prestigious award from Suburban Propane corporate. Actually, since Steph is the sole proprietor of this office and totally runs the show (her boss comes over the hill from Jackson once a week, does a conference call and then splits), this really is Steph’s Award. There wasn’t any money attached, but profit margin does equate to year end bonus.

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Five Letters

New five letter domain names suggestive of a real word are a rarity in the internet world as 2015 comes to an end, and my recent acquisition of has stirred up a ton of interest from the site hustlers of the world. I’m getting email, and phone calls directly to my cell, from shysters that want to create a website for me at that domain. I suspect they have an algorithm that searches for new short domain names.

This begs the question, why would I buy a domain name without having the html5, css3, jquery and php chops to build a functional site myself and be capable of implementing it on the Bluehost servers that present my work to the world from Utah?

I suppose there are idiots out there that grab domain names and hope the world comes knocking on their door, and from what I see, the world will come knocking, but it would be really stupid, to answer…

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Cold Bus

Our backup bus was pretty frozen up when I came to work this morning. I start her up every few days and keep the power going to her block heater, but Rocky Mountain winters show no mercy. Here’s the front grill:

And here’s the passenger side headlight housing:

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I gave up waiting for RadioReference to issue me a key to their API. I guess I wasn’t destined to create a radio frequency app, oh well. So, I took the great Symegry template that I’d ported over to the $6 domain name I bought yesterday, and made a similarly useful app.

This program takes the top six tech blogs with big full images and converts them into a responsive app across all platforms. It’s a great way to get current with technology.

I created this app in one day, like today. Click the image below to try it out:

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Juice Right

I’m getting pretty good at this juicing thing. I set out just the right amount of carrots, celery and beets this morning to make a very full canister. One more piece of anything would have flowed it over.

And it filled a couple of jars quite nicely…

Steph asked (from Tennessee) how much snow was down, not much…

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