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Asking Once

As I get older I realize a couple of things about myself.

I don’t ask twice and I only offer once…

Let’s break that down:

If I ask someone for something and they say they can’t deliver it, that’s fine.

If they agree to deliver it and they fail, and their excuse is valid, that’s also fine.

If they agree to deliver it and they failed because they didn’t try, I won’t ask again.

If I offer to do something for someone and they accept it, well, it’s done.

If the offer is accepted and a rain-check is requested, fine.

If I make the offer and it’s blown off, the offer goes away.

I don’t ask twice and I only offer once…

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White Morning

I actually don’t recall dreaming about any of this…

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Blog Status

I started this blog six and a half years ago, in June 2011, and it blows my mind that I’ve kept it going this long. My entire life during that time is now on the internet for anyone to see. So are some of my deepest thoughts but you would have to dig down to find them.

Let me present a link that you probably wouldn’t click on normally. It shows every post in alphabetical sequence and it’s kind of stunning: Click Here.

Scroll down and explore and when your done find the Hot Pussy post in the second column, click on it and see how it works. You know you want to…

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Minor Irritation

Christmas means nothing to me. It’s not like I hate it as some do, it’s more an irritation like a bad skin rash or one of those painful cracks I get on my hands in the Winter. I’m not a Christian so their guy Jesus’s birthday is irrelevant and not something I need to celebrate. I also have a phobia about fat guys with big beards dressed in tights which I know came about when I was molested by that instructor in my San Francisco dance class.

Actually, I was a professional Christmas caroler back in high school. Me, a couple of girls and another guy were the leads in the choir and the Paradise, CA Chamber of Commerce hired us to walk around town in costume to sing Christmas carols. Now they just make me want to throw up and I’m actively looking for noise canceling headphones to wear in the store.

I’ve also never bought a diamond as a means of getting or keeping a girl so I’m never going to Jared’s and they can stop asking now. I have a wonderful big TV mute button next to my keyboard that I can slam down hard when offensive Christmas crap comes on or they start bashing our president.

I really do try to be sensitive to the people I encounter that enjoy this thing. When I get a Merry Christmas my response is You Bet! Please, enjoy spending your money on gifts you feel obligated to give and go eat some more turkey on Monday. Have fun!

And here’s a photo from the past, when Christmas had meaning: left to right my sister, my mom, me and my brother.

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Money Box

My cash box is full again with no immediate relief in sight. Our Idaho Falls money guy Jeff was up here just recently to empty the lower box out and said he’s bringing up a bigger box next time. Good idea, in the meantime I’ll just entertain the kids with it. Oooh, look at all that money!

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Ready To Ship

Steph’s Fabric Dolls are done and ready to ship…

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Motel Pour

They’re pouring the floor for the new motel in Victor, the Cobblestone. The sun was rising and it shined a nice glow on the scene this morning.

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New Factory

A couple of nights ago I went to bed early and realized that the sound of Steph’s sewing machine had stopped. She’s been working at the dining room table, which is in the center of the house, and out of consideration for my sleep she had stopped production on her Fabric Doll outfits.

The next morning I suggested she move the whole operation into the Family Room which has a sliding door, fireplace and TV. What more could a factory worker want?

I think she likes it, and I don’t hear nuttin…

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I stole a picture off of Steph’s Facebook that shows her two grand-daughters in the snuggle position. This is half the destination of her latest craft stuff…

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Ready To Go

Steph’s ready to assemble the outfits for her four fabric dolls. I have to admit I’m shocked by the diversity of this project, I thought it would be just a few outfits per doll. They were laid out on the dining room table this morning so I grabbed some shots.

Here’s the counts per doll: 8 swimsuits, 12 summer dresses, 19 dresses, 21 skirts, 16 shorts, 5 pants and 32 tops. Wow…

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Happy Hollowdays

It’s beginning to look a lot like… cold backward signs, frozen ponds and hoar frost.

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Outfit Factory

Steph has turned the dining room table and the family room into an Outfit Factory for her fabric doll granddaughter Christmas gifts. It’s fine with me, I only go in there to let Piper in and out on the deck, and it is her birthday after all, she can do as she pleases.

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