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Steph’s craft projects

Shoe Stitch

This is Stephanie’s latest cross stitch. It’s a wedding present for her bosses daughter. She put a lot of work into this one and I put a lot of effort into capturing it from within it’s wooden frame, covered with reflective glass. I don’t have a tripod (yet) so it was challenging, and the shot came out a bit uneven, but the detail is great. The image is about 500k so give it a chance to load, and if your browser shows a plus icon, click again.

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The Craft Lab

We used to have this really nice guest bedroom. It had this great bunk bed made out of logs, in keeping with the fact that we live in a log home. The bed was initially in the front bedroom, but on the day we moved in, Riley moved the bed into the back bedroom and my office was born, as was the guest bedroom.

Somewhere along the line Steph realized we never had any guests, and she was envious of my office, so she took the room over for her crafts. She’s been working hard lately to clean it out, and here’s the result :-)

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While I was spending this Sunday tweaking code in my office, Steph was sewing curtains for her bosses twin daughters rooms, and making a giraffe for her own son, Junior.

Actually, for his girlfriend. Not sure why she needed a giraffe, but I think Steph has a brand new creation she can add to her impressive collection of unique crafts.

SlideShow (Giraffe)

Update: Here’s the finished product, with the mane and the tail:

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Snow Puzzle

Steph finished another puzzle over the weekend. It’s sitting on the family room coffee table and it finally dawned on me that she’s been waiting for me to photograph it.

It’s become a sort of tradition, so here it is:

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Hello Kitty

Steph created this bag today and said there is no other one like this on the planet. I believe her and here it is, with kitty included for authenticity!

SlideShow (Hello Kitty)
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Tavros & Gamzee

Steph’s been working hard on her two new Plushie creations. They’ve been designed and created from the ground up, as a birthday present for her niece RayLee.



SlideShow (Tavros & Gamzee)

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Baby Giraffe

The strangest thing happened today. One of Steph’s handmade giraffe’s had a baby.

Very cute…

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Blue Robo Doll

Steph is developing an Internet reputation for cloning stuffed entities.

Her sons girlfriend Jessica spotted some doll on Pinterest the other day and Junior said “My mom could make that”!

Presenting the Blue Robo Doll perching on an abandoned bird house…

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Scrap Booking

I never really got scrapbooking. Wikipedia describes it as a method for preserving personal and family history in the form of a scrapbook.

I have observed over the years though, that Steph has a passion for it, and she’s good!

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Steph designed and created these stuffed seahorses from scratch. I’m pretty proud of my programming abilities but the skill level involved here blows my mind.

They quickly came alive, had sex, and laid eggs…
Ahhh, the magic of Christmas!

SlideShow (Seahorses)

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Playhouse Puzzle

Steph likes to assemble complex colorful jigsaw puzzles. It’s then my duty as the in-house blog photographer to take a photo of the completed puzzle, under extremely crappy lighting conditions, and somehow express it’s beauty in a blog post.

This puzzle is called Come to My Playhouse and after looking at the original photo I’m struck by how a puzzle cutout process and a painting app can mess with a nice shot!

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Steph’s latest puzzle, painted. I have mixed feelings about this process, am I Steph’s puzzle painting posting boy or should I be grateful that she’s given me something unique to post about tonight? A little of both I suppose :-)

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I’m not sure if the title of this post refers to the future state of the weeds around our house today, or the state of mind of the whacker. Probably both…

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Steph’s back from the South and she notched a bucket list item, getting close to Elvis.
Update: Added some more shots! :-)

SlideShow (Graceland)
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The South Leftovers

We’re heading out this afternoon for the Huntsman event in possibly record setting temperatures and the last vestiges of snow on the tips of our mountains should soon be gone. Sweet! I’m fed up with the color White

A lot of photos will be taken today but in the meantime here’s some shots that trickled back from Steph’s trip to the South.

• Overpriced tickets to Graceland.

• Praying to the big package in the sky?

• Bonding with the grandson.

• Staged? Only Dillan knows for sure…

• Note to Grandma.

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