Chopped Liver

Ever have one of those days?

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Here’s another interesting chart to ponder:

Source: The Aegon Retirement Readiness Survey
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Pop Chart

It’s important to know where you float in the River of Life.

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Grandmas Bed

It’s just so cool that I have my grandmothers favorite blanket and her handmade afghan as the covers for the bed in my truck. I know her spirit is smiling as I venture off down the river and I hear her whispering in my ear: don’t forsake your brother!

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Life Is A River

Life is a river that we float down until we drown. Occasionally we pull off into a new spot, set up our tent, explore, learn, and discover new things about ourselves. Hopefully when we pack up the tent and take off down to the next stop, we’re a better person than we were before.

My last two landings have been good ones. Two decades in the Seattle area taught me humility, how to lead, and how to be a dad. As I prepare to jump back in the river after thirteen years in Teton Valley I’m stone cold sober and in the best shape of my life.

Wow, I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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Last Friday I got up from a nap after taking the afternoon off and getting the shopping done with Steph and as I was taking a leak I remembered some things I forgot in the store and the acronym started rolling around in my brain and a new program was conceived:

So, I did what I always do, check to see if the domain was available and sure enough, so I bought it. Here it is Monday night and it’s all coded up and ready…

It’s dead simple to use: Click the big Add button to Add a Store, click the Store name to add an Item. You can then delete Items and Stores with the Delete buttons.

There is no signup involved, no BS, just a nice little app to use on your phone or tablet to keep track of things you forgot in the store. It uses Local Storage so there’s no Cloud involved and your list is as private as your device. Click the image to check it out!

Update: I added an auto-sort feature so everything is sorted, you know, automatically…

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Water Wheels

The water wheels are ready to roll over the poppy barley fields so that Teton Valley can help feed Americas heroin beer addiction. Sheesh, is there really a difference?

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My Cloud

Here’s a sweet little program I’ve been working on this weekend. It selects U.S. cities that are compatible with the numerology of your day of birth. Say you were born on the 23rd of the month (like me) then your number would be 5 (2+3).

Every city in the country has a similar single digit number derived from:


So, Reno would be 9+5+5+6, then summed to 24, then finally 6. Reno would then appear randomly in the cloud if your number was six.

In the example below I selected my number 5 and Arizona because that’s where I’m moving to. Twenty different cities with a 5 number are presented in the cloud randomly, at different intensities. Each time you click the Submit button, twenty more are generated.

When you feel like the cosmos are aligned, click a city name and it will show the city on a map, from where you can create a NeXht permalink with the [C] button.

Ready? Sure you are, click the image below and go play…

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I was sharing one of my favorite morning staging areas with my replacement this morning and grabbed a couple shots.

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Somebody got into mom’s makeup…

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Mellow Baby

Piper and I both hate snow and love the sun. SouthWest, here we come…

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The vibrations inside my body persist, and grow louder. My ability to see people for who they really are as they drop their guard when they think you look away, grows stronger. My role here in the Valley is becoming that of chopped liver. My heart is strong, and heavy. My brain is clear and confused. I need the sun to heal me…

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