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Swan Valley

This shot was taken off Hwy 26 coming in from Idaho Falls.

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Evening Art

My creative mood is busting loose and I don’t feel like writing code:

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Sunday Art

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Teton Hay

I took this shot years ago coming back into the Valley from an inter-city run.

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More Art

Here’s some more mostly original art. The girl on horse is from a painting my sister owns, the other two are from my photographs.

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Water Taxi

Back in the Seattle days my employer HopeLink had the Water Taxi contract and I had the privilege of supervising the DART connector buses that shuttled riders across West Seattle to Alki Beach. It made for some great photo ops…

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The neighbors dog used to visit me on our deck. Now we have a cat…

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Eclipse Day

It’s finally Eclipse Day. Here’s some video I shot:


A couple hours before:

Two days before:

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Flying Again

I brought The Flag out today and hung it towards the highway to celebrate the Great American Eclipse that’s about to roll through our Valley.

This is my grandfathers World War I funeral flag and the last time it flew was Sept 11.

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I was standing by in Driggs today for a Family Dollar pickup when this Montana truck pulled up towing this sweet little trailer. I passed a compliment to the nice couple that owned it and they just smiled and said that they loved it. It drew a lot of attention while it sat there.

I looked the outfit up and it’s a nuCamp 400. This is the brand new 2018 model with an MSRP in excess of $31k, depending on options.

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Nap View

Sometimes I like to take a morning power nap in the big chair in the corner of the living room. This is what I see when I open my eyes:

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Vital Force

My body vibrates constantly and I feel the vibrations of others. This is my vital force. Just as blood flows through our arteries and veins, the vital force flows along the nerves in a constant stream. This vital force is poured down upon us from the Sun, which is the source of life. A healthy man with abundant vital force becomes a center of energy, radiating power, strength, health and vitality from his body to the people he comes in contact with.

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Local Soak

I hit up hot springs all around the Northwest during my Summer off time but good old Green Canyon is just thirty miles from my front door. No camping out, I shower when I get home, and sometimes I just rip my wet shorts off when I get back in the truck and drive home naked.

The hot pool area is separate from the swim area so it’s usually pretty quiet on weekdays. They keep it hot (108°) and it’s only $5.50 for old guys like me. Thumbs up!

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Piper watches me climb under the fluffy down blanket for a mid-day nap, so she does the same. Have I mentioned I really love my cat?

Tuesdays update: Back again, digging deeper…

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First Snake

We’ve lived in this subdivision for many years and I’ve never seen a snake here before, must be the 6500 ft altitude I supposed. Until today, and it was dead…

I know it wasn’t me that ran over the poor thing (I don’t take any life willingly) because there’s no need to drive over the little bridge into the subdivision.

Speaking of snakes, my browser app Ghostery blocks all webpage trackers and the other day it blocked 40 on one site alone. If you’re not using this tool, along with a good VPN, you are at risk my friends.

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