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Easter Peeps

I had a terrific Easter brunch at Grand Targhee with Steph, my sister, my niece and her fiancĂ©e. The hottub afterwards was fine and hot, the day is rolling along clear and relatively warm and Helen Hunt is naked as we watch the dvd Sessions that sis loaned us. Today’s photos seem like a strange hodgepodge, but what the heck, Happy Easter!

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Spring Ritual

The official First Day of Spring around our house is the day we take the hot tub out of hibernation. It cruises all winter in economy mode just to keep it from freezing solid and occasionally we top it off and run the pumps for a minute.

Today we drained it, cleaned it and filled it. Hot tub tomorrow!

The other part of the ritual is watching the lawn re-appear from the winter long thick blanket of snow. Soon we’ll be calling the lawn guy to kick-start the sprinkler system and I’ll be hauling the lawnmower down to Tom at Ace Hardware for service.

We’ve survived another winter…

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Havasu Leftovers

I had a couple of videos from the Lake Havasu trip I wanted to share with you here, but they both had their issues. So, I’ve cleaned them up and tweaked them out.

The first one was going to be kids playing in the plastic thingies at the boardwalk but these two spring break punks came walking into the scene, so I’ve made them pay.

The second video was shot coming into Vegas in the morning. Sinatra was on the radio and I should have just let it play, but I turned the radio off for the shoot.

And here’s some shots of an abandoned RV park off London Bridge Road:

This wraps up the 2013 Spring Break trip to Lake Havasu City, AZ.

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Two Guys Walking

I was driving through the desert yesterday when I saw the first guy. He was walking the same direction I was going, about 200 feet off the highway and well into the desert. He had a backpack slung over his shoulder and he was walking as opposed to soliciting a ride. The desert at this point was huge, nothing on the landscape for many miles, not even mountains, and I wondered why he was there.

I spotted the second guy about twenty miles down the road. He was in the same general position off the road as the first guy, heading in the same direction, but he had nothing but the dirty clothes he was wearing. He was also walking with his head down, like the first guy, and I know why: he was watching for rattlesnakes.

I had the most convoluted moment as I spotted this second guy. I’d already considered my duties as a fellow human being to the first guy. Should I have stopped and invaded his privacy and offered him a ride or supplies. He had a backpack, and he could have been at the side of the road with his thumb out, but he wasn’t.

But here I was speeding through the desert at 75mph, in traffic, when the second guy appeared on my right. To stop I would have had to perform a panic stop with my worn brakes and backed up a quarter mile.

I didn’t, and I should have. I could have given him water and food, or offered him a ride. What is it that makes these guys venture out into the desert like that?

I really hope they made it across…

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Wrapping Up

I was feeling restless when I woke up in Spring Break paradise this morning and I decided to hit the road. I’ve dropped down off the interstate into Cedar City, Utah and snagged a motel with a working internet connection. I didn’t mention the fact that my Lake Havasu motel had a broken internet and I was using my phone as a hotspot…

I have a few photos that didn’t make it up to the blog so I’m using my nice little connection here to upload them now. Run the SlideShow and check them out :-)

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The Gift

I had promised in a previous post that I was going to get Steph a gift while I was down here and present it to her in a new post. I was feeling the pressure today with just one day left and my mind was drawing a blank.

I spotted a little shop down on the boardwalk this afternoon called Drawing A Blank? and I thought Hmmm… and I stepped inside.

Turns out these guys are real pros and they provide a service to folks who came down here on spring break without their partner and need a gift to take back that makes everything cool. They helped me select the gift and then we drove miles with a camera crew to an isolated beach on Lake Havasu to do the photo shoot.

The result was expensive, but stunning:

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Parker Dam

I went for a drive this morning down to the Parker Dam on the Colorado River. It was completed in 1938 and it’s 320 feet high, of which 235 feet are below the riverbed, which makes it the deepest dam in the world.

The countryside around it is spectacular, and there are wild burros. I let this little guy approach my window and he was intending to stick his head inside so I took the shot and kept on going. No harassing the burros…

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Battery Charging

People often talk about re-charging their batteries when the subject of vacation comes up. I wonder how many folks ever really experience that process physically. Our bodies are strung together by complex electrical circuits, and spending the winter in the snow and cold can seriously drain the current from our bodies battery.

Sunlight can provide the current necessary for re-charge but it must be combined with consistent warmth and lack of stress to be effective. Hanging out on a sunny afternoon in a chair on your driveway with your shirt off when it’s 25° just doesn’t cut it.

Being cold is painful to me, which equates to stressful. When the cold goes away, the stress begins to melt with it. As day three in the warm Arizona sun progresses I can really feel my battery re-charging.

It’s been a fun day today! After shooting the London Bridge I came back to the motel and posted the photos. I have determined that the Boardwalk under the bridge, in both directions, is the heart of this place. It’s where Spring Break happens and where all the play boats launch, including the charter ferry boats.

I returned to the Boardwalk later on and took some more photos:

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London Bridge

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Sun Day

After stocking up my supplies at the super Walmart up the road I drove downtown just to see if it was going to be as crazy as I expected. It wasn’t bad! I spotted what looked to be a Farmers Market and pulled into a spacious public parking area with plenty of spots.

It turned out to be a very large craft market event with about six long rows. I told Steph I would buy her something down here and put it in a post before I got back. I spotted a Betty Boop purse and it made some connection in my brain so I called her. She told me that her mom was the Betty Boop fan (duhhh, mom’s name is Betty :-), so scratch that.

Since I had Steph on the phone we set up a Skype video link and I walked around and showed her the crowd. She said “there’s a lot of people there!” and I thought yea, a whole lot of old guys with very big bellies and their old wives… I can make fun of them because my belly ain’t anywhere near these boys and I have a young wife.

I now realize this is one of those Arizona retirement communities. Wow, I was expecting crowds of partying college kids and all I’ve seen so far is bellies that have partied!

After leaving the market I drove around town wondering how to get out to the lake and the beaches, and where in the hell was this London Bridge I kept hearing about? Turned out I had to cross the bridge to reach the beach…

The original 1831 London Bridge is here! It once spanned the River Thames in London and was dismantled in 1967, bought by a local businessman and rebuilt here in 1971. On my bus adventure tomorrow I’ll walk over it and get some shots.

I finally managed to reach the lake and here’s the results:

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