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Homecoming 2011

Teton High School held their annual Home Coming Parade today. Usually it goes right down Main street, but Main was renamed to Pain street, so it was moved over a block.

It was really quite fun. A lot of young kids were bussed in and they lined the route on both sides. It was like “this is what you have to look forward to if you stay in school!”

And our local state trooper finished the parade by driving with no hands. Cool :-)

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Road Closed

I was pulling my hair out this morning trying to get to my first stop. I finally made it, but now I have no hair, and my tires smell like freshly poured asphalt. Me bad :-)

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Binky Babe

Plagiarism is running amok within the confines of this post.

Steph took this photo at a baby shower last night and I stole it. Also, binky is a registered trademark of Playtex, but it’s now a generic term for pacifier.

Who cares, she’s just too cute not to make the blog :-)

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Snow Puzzle

Steph finished another puzzle over the weekend. It’s sitting on the family room coffee table and it finally dawned on me that she’s been waiting for me to photograph it.

It’s become a sort of tradition, so here it is:

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The Onion

Steph noticed a plastic bag standing up straight in a cupboard. It turned out to be an onion we forgot to eat, that wanted to reproduce.

We threw it out after taking some quick photos, but now I wished we would have planted it out in Pipers big litter box, and then seen what the winter could do with it.

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Family Dinner

We had Thai food with my sister and niece Saturday. The food was great and the company was smart, charming and quite lovely.

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This image of me bounced off the family room window yesterday, while I was out taking pictures of the yard.

I decided to paint it, and post it…

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Big Leaf

No comment required…

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Stuffy Snot Hole

a.k.a. Jackson Hole, Wyoming, with a forest fire in the near vicinity.

Headed over the pass this morning to make the last Farmers Market of the season, and check out the free food. Almost turned around when I saw the smoke…

As to the title of this post: Steph rolled over in bed last night, and uttered those words in reference to her own nasal issues. I bolted to my office, and wrote it down. :-)

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Blue Snooze

Piper came into my office last night to watch the premiere of Blue Bloods.

Just not a Tom Selleck fan I guess…

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