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Fabric Dolls

Steph has two young grand-daughters in the south, one in Washington and another in Washington that might as well be. She’s creating her own design Fabric Dolls for each of them for Christmas. The first two rolled off the sewing table today with press on clothes to follow. I’ll get some shots when they’re ready.

She also has a star quarterback teenage grandson but I don’t think he’s getting one of these…

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Back in the late sixties I got into a fight with the mother of my daughter‘s pimp. He caught me with a right to the chin that missed with his fist, but cut me open with his metallic watch band. Blood was squirting out which ended the fight and I walked out to the stairs of the two story apartment in the darkest of Oakland slums and watched the blood flow down the steps onto the street. I was stoned on 500M of top grade acid at the time and it seemed like a river to me. Somehow I ended up at the ER and they patched me up and to this day I can’t find that scar, probably because of the crazy beard thing hanging off my chin.

Life is but an accumilation of scars. Some are physical which you can hide and forget about, while the mental ones not so much. Most of them you get over and push off to the back of your brain while others rear their ugly head the moment you open your eyes in the morning. Sometimes other people scar you so deeply to the point that their apology doesn’t heal the wound. I forgave the pimp, but that happened a long time ago…

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Steph whipped up a nice meal for us today. Looks like we get ten pounds of meat each.

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The inside of our new base looks like an airplane hanger to me. There’s still some kinks to work out with the lights, and the diesel exhaust from the Start buses when I arrive in the morning is bad, but at least it’s warm in there. My bus goes in the left corner.

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New Base

Well, we finally made it out of the backyard of the Driggs Public Works and into the Old Ford Garage, again. Instead of competing with snow plows, deep snow and block heaters, we’re inside, again. We’ve been here before but the building has been revamped and now three big Start buses, a few Targhee Shuttles and a couple of our TRPTA buses now fit inside. I parked my bus there last Friday and I’ll see how it fared tomorrow morning.

I won’t have to clean snow and ice off my rig, but my 2.3 mile commute just doubled.

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Ice Rised

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There’s a new hotel going up in Victor called the Cobblestone. This is a pretty big deal considering the only other place in town to stay is a dive motel where you have to inquire about rooms at the 66 gas station next door.

I’ve been watching this thing develop and it looks like they’re building the elevator shaft first, and then working outward.

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Trip To Town

We drove into town to run some errands this morning and I captured the event with my new window mounted cam toy. Bought gas, dropped off mail, stopped at the dollar store and then picked up food supplies for the week.

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Ice Rise

Enjoyed the sun rising over the ice on the little pond at Trouts Ranch this morning.

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My Life

The flowchart of my life:

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