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Girl Meets Boy

There are now two Pinterest links up on the Top Menu ↑mPins shows my most recent pins while cPins shows the current most popular pins. Do you need an invite yet?

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Car CPR 2

Riley’s still having fun with his current project. He’s taking these shots with his new Samsung Galaxy S2, and they’re huge, so I have to run my magic on them to make them manageable for the blog. Here you go:

SlideShow (Car CPR 2)
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This is one of the Flickr discoveries I made yesterday. I pinned it to my Pinterest board Faces on Flickr and based on the pingbacks hitting my email, it just might make the Popular page eventually. You are signed up at Pinterest, right?

I use my own Flickr photo viewer, in Info mode, which allows full credit to be given the photographer. Just click the photo and then click Info to see the credits.

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Spring Tub

All the ingredients were in place for a good Spring Break Wednesday afternoon tub:

  • Radio, playing conservative crap…
  • Shorts, just in case a neighbor drops by. (not likely…)
  • Glasses, just in case the neighbor is cute.
  • Hat, to protect my head if the sun comes out. (not likely…)
  • Towel, just to keep the water off the hardwood floors.
  • Phone, if I get a phone call. (not likely…)
  • Cocktail, a necessity!
  • Notepad, just in case I get an idea. (not likely…)
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Blog Work

First off, let me say Thank you for being here! It means a lot to me that you would take the time to visit. This blog has really evolved into a unique entity consisting of content, and new code. There is nothing out there like this!

Today I reduced the spacing in the menu above to give me room for more stuff, and I’ve added more stuff, specifically popular Pinterest posts. (Click on Pins towards the right.)

I’m really enjoying Pinterest. My creativity needs to be stimulated constantly and this site does that. My most active board is called Faces On Flickr where I add new images daily, discovered with my FKScan program.

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Car CPR 2

Full disclosure! The wreck displayed below is just that, a trashed vehicle that the good doctor Bangert was using to extract body parts.

The real project is here:

SlideShow (Car CPR 2)
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BDJ Radio

Here’s the latest incarnation of my Radio Player. It works good in Firefox and Chrome, Internet Explorer makes you stop the playback before selecting another station, and I have no idea how the Mac likes it.

Cool new stations will be added as I find them…

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Walk Around

It’s time to take the camera for a walk around the house. Another really nice day is melting the snow off nicely. Sit back, click play, and enjoy the walk with me!

While kicking back in my chair after that long walk around the house, I shot this clip.

Now I’m heading to the hot tub…

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Rocking Chair

A couple of very cool photos evolved from this fine spring afternoon…

Here’s a closer shot, minus Piper.

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Enchilada Critique

For a first batch of Chicken Enchiladas, not bad… My number one change to this Recipe is to drop the garlic! I love garlic but it doesn’t work here. I think the garlic is included to mask the taste of mediocre chicken. Let the free range taste come out and just mix the chicken and cheese together for the filling.

A whole bird is too much for this dish. Buy the smaller package with the breasts, it will be just right and half the price. (I’m thinking of breasts now and getting dizzy…)

My second suggestion is to make sure your brain is working while cooking. I had all the ingredients prepped in containers, just like the cooking shows do and I started the sauce by melting butter in a sauce pan. I then needed to add the cornstarch to make a paste.

(Update: A little research shows this to be a roux.)

Instead of adding cornstarch I just poured in the chicken broth! Oh shit! I said. I was going to start this step over when I realized that package was my only chicken broth. So, improvise city was on! I started adding cornstarch to the mix until it thickened up.

The sauce survived…

One last thought. It calls for one cup of cheese to be sprinkled on before it goes in the oven. I didn’t think that was enough so I grated a cup more. Stick with one cup and grill it towards the end, to brown the cheese.

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