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Teton Valley Winterfest 1

Snow Blocks

These blocks of snow, of which we have less then normal for this time of year, but plenty for most sane folks, are sitting in front of the Driggs Community Center.

They’re part of the upcoming Teton Valley Great Snow Fest event, Jan 10 – Jan 15.

Apparently, the blocks are going to be sculpted into art, but they look perfectly monolithicly ready right now. I vote that we leave them alone!

SlideShow (Ice Blocks)

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Snow Boxes

The rest of the Snow Boxes appeared at the Community Center today, and were promptly filled with some great fresh snow. We normally have a lot of that here in the dead of winter, but I bet the crew had to go looking hard for it.

We’re having an unusually warm stretch of weather here. It’s 41 degrees and sunny out there. I know the planners of the upcoming carving event didn’t plan on this…

I hope the snow doesn’t melt inside the boxes!

SlideShow (Snow Boxes)
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Ready To Carve

The blocks of snow haven’t melted, and they’re ready to be carved up tomorrow.

This is part of the first annual Teton Valley Great Snow Fest. It runs all week and should be a lot of fun. I’ll try to grab some shots as the sculpting proceeds.

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Sculpting Day 1

The snow sculpting crews showed up this morning. I was going to hold off taking photos this early, but it had so much character going on, I had to do a walk around…

The best way to view this set is by SlideShow.  See if you can spot my bus :-)

SlideShow (Sculpting Day 1)
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Sculpting Day 2

Much better day for taking pictures! Yesterday was so gloomy that the sky was the same color as the ground. Today is bright, cold and clear. Great day for carving snow.

Enjoy the SlideShow here…

Update: This post was up, and the kids came out! Here you go…

SlideShow (Sculpting Day 2)
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Sculpting Day 3

Sun block was the name of the game today. Temperatures were low, hovering between -15 at night, to the low 20’s by midday, but the sun was shining bright.

About half of the pieces were being protected from the sun, and at least one was reflecting itself large and proud :-)

The voting starts at noon on Saturday and I’ll be there, right after I cover the Snow Plane display in Tetonia earlier that morning. Good stuff coming up on the horizon!

SlideShow (Sculpting Day 3)
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Sculpting Day 4

They’re really starting to come together today. The first sculpture in this series is now obviously the tongue stuck on frozen pole concept, but after yesterdays shadow spotting, I’m beginning to think there’s more to it… :-)

I also finally realized that this is a Dragon. In a way I’ve contributed to it by transporting Marlene’s boy down here the last couple days from the Victor school, thus giving mom more sculpting and carving time.

SlideShow (Sculpting Day 4)
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Sculpting Finished

Today was viewing and voting day for the Snow Sculptures. The event started at noon so I got there early to beat the crowds and cast my vote.

I was also able to shoot the corresponding information signs for each piece, and take one final shot, without people blocking my view too much.

This project is now complete, and organized in sequence below. ( SlideShow )

SlideShow (Sculpting Finsihed)

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Snow Planes

Vintage snow planes were on display yesterday in Tetonia. I drove up there before the sculpture voting and took these shots. The event was held at the Ruby Carson Memorial Park and it had enough snow that they probably ran some laps, but I had to split.

These vehicles have a lot of history and here’s a great article that tells all about them.

SlideShow (Snow Planes)

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