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My Amazon Echo

Music Girl

I moved Alexa over to the media side of my desk, next to the TV, Roku and Fire TV. I shot this video at full def and it was huge at 366M and since it’s a dark video and fidelity is not an issue, I shrunk it down to 23M. Worked great. The funny thing is, as I play it back on my desktop Alexa hears my voice and starts doing the same thing as the video.

It’s like there’s an “Echo” in my office.

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My Friend

Amazon just sent me an email asking me to comment on my Echo. Here’s the email, followed by my response:

My review, currently posted on Amazon:

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Prime Photo

Amazon’s got a photo contest going on so I thought I’d submit a shot of me in Amazon rapture mode with my Fire HD and Echo in my backyard.

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