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Opening The Box

I took the Talking Box into the family room this afternoon, to dissect it. I had to kick the temporary cat out the door first, her munching on food was messing with the audio…

So here we go, one take, I’m going after the talking thing… Oops, I just ran up against the stupid 90 second Flickr video limit, so here’s part 1:

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…and here’s part 2:

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The Talking Box

I went out into the garage this morning, to start up my truck (a 79 lifted Chevy Silverado named Jack), to take him into town for a service. There was a cardboard box sitting on his hood, so I just backed out of the garage, leaving the box there.

I jumped out and grabbed the box, to move it back into the garage. As I picked it up, I really wished I’d worn my brown pants! I thought I was in the Twilight Zone for a second. The damned box was talking!

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It turns out Steph was cleaning the garage, and left the box on my truck. Somewhere inside the box is one of her grandson Dillan’s toys.

I still haven’t looked inside, I’m too freaked out!

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Our HotTub

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Friday Field

Ahh, nothing like a hay field with a view of the Tetons, and an old barn, to wrap up my week on the road…

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Car Creep

I see this happen all the time. I’m staging in the Broulim’s parking lot and one person starts the event by pulling too far ahead in their parking spot. The next person in, determines their stopping position based on the car to their left. Pretty soon, several cars are looking really stupid :-)

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Scum Pond

I had some time to kill in Victor today, so I went up the Old Jackson Highway to here. This is the road that existed before Hwy 33 was created to meet up with Hwy 22, going to Jackson, WY.

The property was recently developed to be a subdivision, but the crash ruined that. Now it’s just a place to take photos before the bears block my retreat back to the bus.

SlideShow (Scum Pond)

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Painted Purple

One purple weed, tweaked and painted.

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Purple Weeds

I don’t know what it is about this area, but purple weeds like to hang out here.

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Skate Park

Driggs has a pretty sweet little skate park. They’re building a new skate park behind this one, for the newbies, and behind that is a Frisbee course. There’s also a new bike trail being constructed that seems to connect the whole valley.

Sure beats needles in the downtown city park, drive-by shootings, and crack houses :-)

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Jeep Trip

Riley spent this last weekend off-roading up in the steep Washington mountains, with friends. This is his new lifted jeep. Very nice! He sent me these photos…

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Our garage door tanked on us last night. The cable broke, and the do-lapper-dinker stopped spinning on it’s rocking ball. Our vehicles are trapped inside. Fortunately, the “G Man” is on his way. Garage door repair on a Sunday is pretty cool.

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Dead Cow

Steph and I rode down to Rexburg today with my sister Lorelle. Just before we got to the bridge over the Teton River, the girls started talking about the dead cow.

Turns out they have been seeing this blob laying in the water for the last month!

I couldn’t believe any responsible rancher would leave an animal down that long, so we decided to check it out on the way back.

Guess what, dead cow. Why have they left this animal dead in the water for so long?

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Turning 65

I turned 65 this morning, and this photo I took yesterday just seemed appropriate…

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Hay Time

The farmers around here can usually pull off two hay crops in the summer. This is the first one, and the second crop is vigorously underway.

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