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Cat Hair

This post should have been about the moma and baby moose that were hanging out in our yard by the deck this morning. Unfortunately, when Steph spotted them from the kitchen, the loud scream “Jim, grab your camera and come here!“, kind of convinced them to mosey on :-)

So instead, we have a photo of Pipers finest hair follicles gathered up from our floor using the loud sucking device. It’s a good thing we’re not allergic to this stuff…

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r.i.p. Mr. Spock

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Seaplane 906

This cool seaplane was out on the tarmac at Driggs airport today, soaking up some rays. I think they take these old birds out of the Warbirds museum every once in a while, just to air them out.

I’m sure this thing isn’t flying anywhere today, with that panel missing on it’s side, unlike the MIG’s that like to dogfight in the foothills.

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Sculpture Leftover

The Snowfest is long over but one stubborn chunk of packed snow doesn’t want to give it up. I have no idea what this was but it’s now the only pile standing…

Today was the last day I transported that guy, so I can get another hour back tomorrow. I got to know him pretty well, discovering this morning that we’re the same age. Just for the heck of it, as he got off my bus this afternoon, I asked him his birthday.

He’s got six days on me :-)

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Jacks In Town

My old truck Jack has been making his appearance around town lately after hiding out for a couple of years. Driggs Tire just put some new quality snow tires on and he’s also getting some mechanical work done.

I get sellers remorse everytime I see this truck but it was for the best I suppose. After getting the Mazda as my economical travel truck there was nowhere to park this big old boy and he would have spent the winters out back, in the snow. And, at the time I sold him, gas was sky high and ten miles to the gallon wasn’t cutting it.

It’s great to see him getting fixed up and his legacy continuing on!

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Chin Cam

I turned on the old Chin Cam today as I soaked up some rays while taking a break in the garage from writing crazy-ass mapping code all morning.

I think my robe needs to visit the machine that washes. The problem is I’m not willing to give it up at the moment. What’s wrong with a little cat hair mixed with some cayenne pepper power drink, splattered all over me?

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Steph’s office desk is a bit cluttered lately, and there’s no computer there anyway, so she resorts to her big bed to get the Suburban Propane homework done.

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Emergency Bag

If I ever roll my truck and get trapped inside while it starts to burn, I hope there’s somebody passing by that has a bag like mine. I’ve had these items in the back of my truck for a while but today I gathered them up and put them all inside the bag that held my blue travel chair.

As I travel around during the summer and a situation arises where people are trapped I can grab the bag from my truck and run to assist. When I arrive at the scene I can just dump the bag on the ground and choose the appropriate tool. As others arrive the tools will be available to put out a fire, smash windows, pry open a door and cut seatbelts.

I have a tool on my bus for cutting seat belts and I need to find something similar to add to the bag. These are large hefty tools btw, the photo doesn’t do them justice.

Here’s the bag loaded up and ready to go.

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Mountain Climb

The National Parks Service has created an interactive guide to our beautiful 13,770 foot peak we call The Grand. When you live here you get to see it every day and occasionally you get to talk to people who have actually climbed it.

I’m not one of those people, never will be, but the buzz about this particular website is pretty high. Apparently you can experience what it’s like to climb to the top. I’m checking it out tonight and if you want to climb along, here’s the link. (speakers=on)

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Freds Mountain

I came back home today from a little jaunt and I took Hastings Lane, just to get near the mountain. The shot below was taken right off of Stateline, tripod mounted, full zoom and automatic shutter. This Grand Targhee ski lift is still quite a ways away but my little camera performed admirably I must say.

Here’s the unzoomed view, Freds Mountain on your left:

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