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My immediate family.

My Sisters House

This is my sisters quaint little place in Alta, WY. (The one with the three garage doors.) It is the base for our small remaining family. Off to the left is probably the best view of the Grand Tetons in the valley. The sight from her living room window is spectacular.

The other building is called the Guest House. It didn’t come with the property when she bought the house. She designed it, and had it built from the ground up. Besides being gorgeous inside, it has the practical value of being the storage place for her RV. That cool giant door was a custom job. I was there when the garage door company installed it, and they said they had never done one bigger.

The guest house has served the family well, but now the kids are scattered, and she rents it out to responsible, short time visitors to the valley.

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Family Dinner

We had Thai food with my sister and niece Saturday. The food was great and the company was smart, charming and quite lovely.

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Note From Brian

Received a rare email from my nephew Brian this morning, with photos. He, Andrea, and little Anika moved to the Czech Republic (Andreas home) a while back.

In the birthday photo below we have Andrea on the left, Anika with book, and I’m guessing mom, grandmother and sister…

Classic Andrea and Brian shot. :-)
Must be Andreas dad.
I’m guessing the sisters baby? Hmmm, I wonder how close I am.
Brian and Anika.
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Update: Brian emailed me, and said I was right on all assumtions :-)

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Nothing says Happy Thanksgiving better than an adorable family member from the Czech Republic, and her turtle.

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Nana is my sisters dog. Wise beyond her years, gender and species. An old soul…

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Grandkids Street

There’s a subdivision south of Victor where I pick up a couple of cute little pre school kids. All of the street names are peoples names.

One intersection has the names of two of my older grandkids. Christopher is the oldest of the bunch, born on Christmas day, and is a year older then my son Riley, at 26. Shelby is 20 and married to a Marine. I think of these kids every day I pass this place…

In case you’re thinking I must be really old, well, you’re right. Just not that old. I was a grandfather at 39 and I’m anxiously awaiting a new grandchild from Riley and Jessica, and a great-grandchild from one of the sign bearers.

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Mothers Day

We went to my sisters house for a terrific Mothers Day brunch today. While everyone was cooking and prepping, I did what I do, play with my camera! :-)

Here’s a moving flickr image with ocean sounds. Hey, it’s relaxing…

Here’s the food: A ham cheese egg and broccoli casserole, buttermilk biscuits, bacon, and scrambled eggs (an issue with the eggs and a toaster oven, but they were great).

And finally, here I am playing with my sisters dog, Nana:
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Happy Mothers Day!

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The Davis Kids

This is Steph’s mom (Betty) with uncles and aunt. The picture was shot in 1946.

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Rileys Fire Pit

Riley and a buddy, along with his father-in-law Ray, whipped up a sweet fire pit in their backyard this weekend. Very well constructed I must say. It looks terrific!

He and Jake made one for us, in our back forty a few years back, but it’s ghetto compared to this :-) I’ll be in Kent, WA next Sunday and I’m bringing marshmallows.

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Brye Dog

I used to be married to a very nice Japanese lady named Marci. She put up with my stuff pretty good (but not as good as Steph).

One evening she went out for some reason, and left me home with her dog. He was an Australian Sheep Dog, really sweet and very smart. His name was Brye and he was the greatest Frisbee catcher of his time, launching himself 20 feet into the air to catch!

I was into milk based cocktails at the time and that night I got Brye and myself drunk. We spent the evening fetching a rubber ball on the kitchen floor, with Brye dog sliding around and both of us laughing.

I don’t remember Marci’s reaction when she got home, but she did take Brye dog with her after the divorce…

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Fathers Day

Steph showed me three photo albums this morning, containing all the photos of my life. She’s been putting them together over the years.

I scanned a few of my favorite Riley pictures for today’s post…

Happy Fathers day!

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Stephs Pepes

We hung out Saturday afternoon at Jim and Sandy’s house in Bonney Lake. Jimmy cooked up burgers and brats while the three Sisters (Steph, Sandy and Wendy) showed off their Sisters tattoos.

Steph’s boy Junior showed up with girlfriend Jessica and friend Zeke, Wendy’s girls Stasha and RayLee were there along with Mom, and Sandy’s daughter Victoria.

The only ones without a tattoo were Jimmy, Mom, Victoria, RayLee and me. Oh, and Zeke, so I guess it’s just half the crowd. :-)

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Three days, six States, and 1800 miles down the road, I fulfilled my goal of getting Steph to the South to see her nine year old grandson, Dillan.

The look on their faces, priceless… The look on Dillan’s face, shocked!

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My son Riley is taking time off from work today so I decided to use my vast set of internet surveillance tools to track him down. I found him in a pool with a dog!

In Arizona!

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Jackson Walk

I drove Steph down to Jackson, WY today for a pre-employment drug test. We had some time before her appointment so we walked the town, had some amazing hot dogs wrapped in pita bread, and saw some cool statues. Nice day in Jackson!

Steph has actually pulled off landing another great high profile job here in the Valley. I’m very proud of her ability to do this, considering the economy.

The reality is, if you commit yourself completely to doing the best job you can for your employer, never miss a day of work, deal with people honestly, and with true enthusiasm, your reputation rolls with you in a small community.

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