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Dandy Lions

Dandelions are the scourge of Teton Valley. They make for a good photo-op but everyone here pretty much hates them. It takes a lot of hard work to get these little yellow quick seeding weeds off your yard (and then the clover takes over).

As you can see here my backyard is totally over-run. Hey, the farms out by the Big Holes are in my backyard so to speak! I have to assume the farmers don’t worry about them and just plow them back into the soil.

Here’s a downtown Driggs lot with Alpine Arnica and Dandelions.

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The Road

This shot was a remnant from our recent trip to the Felt foothills. It’s a symbolic shot of sorts as I used my truck as a photo reference point many times during my travels around the country last summer.

Today was the last day of public school here in the valley, at least for my kids. Tomorrow is the official last day and Karen has a couple of kids riding. I’m transporting the Victor charter kids until June 11th and then the work seriously dries up.

Which means it’s time to hit The Road again! (Get it ;-)

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Route Map

Sweet map code has been flowing from my programming cortex, through rusty fingers on a lighted keyboard, and upward to the cloud. This latest iteration of a Google Maps direction service incorporates a little Text button at the top, next to the map options.

When you click on it the text directions disappear and the map is rendered again without them. Click again to bring them back. Also note the custom green route line.

The map incorporates a new mode, US Road Atlas, which emulates the classic Rand McNally map style. The front-end is a simple From / To interface, available here.

Here’s the map with directions text off.

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Felt Silo

I really like silos. They have history, character, and cool long tubes protruding from them. I’ve photographed the slightly newer production silos in Tetonia a couple of times (here & here) but I hadn’t paid much attention to this one along the highway through Felt. Yesterday I approached it from the backside while returning from the foothills and it grabbed my attention. It’s very old and not in production. (I don’t think… :-)

As you can see it has all of the defining elements that comprise a silo to me, and in photo three I managed a great shot straight up the front tube!

SlideShow (Felt Silo)

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Felt Hills

Just another beautiful Memorial Day in my neck of the woods. We headed over to the farming foothills of Felt this morning after breakfast at O’Rourke’s and I took a few photo’s. It still amazes me that country like this is less than twenty miles from home.

SlideShow (Felt Hills)

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Fuel Sources

My latest program is coming along great. It’s called Fuel By Route and it’s function is to plot a route between two U.S. addresses and show you the alternative fuel stations along that route. It’s a pretty sweet mashup!

I use Google Map Services to determine all the points along the route and then pass those points to the U.S. government’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory API which returns all of the fuel stations along that route, which I then plot on the map. Whew!

This is the results from the query above. It shows just the stations accessible along the route between Seattle and San Diego. As you can see there’s some gaps that make the trip problematic in an electric car.

This is a separate project in which I show all of the electric charging stations in the U.S. You can see that the West Coast has a lot of locations, compared to the available stations along I-5.

The data pretty much speaks for itself. The environmental wackos keep telling us the era of the electric car has arrived, but don’t even think about a cross country road trip :-)

btw: Clicking on the program image will launch it and clicking the maps will open them up. Try the program and zoom the maps!

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Transit Office

I came here from the Seattle area eight years ago and I was contemplating retirement from a great career as a King County paratransit driver and supervisor. After hunkering down in the cabin during our first winter here, writing code, I was both broke and bored. Retirement? Out of the question…

I started driving part-time for the local bus service called the Cart Bus, which was bought out by my current employer TRPTA. With Cart we had a nice little office, a place to hang between rides, a computer to print manifests and a bathroom!

Our office eventually went away as dispatch moved to Idaho Falls and all we had left was a place to park the buses overnight. During the day Karen and I started staging our buses at Broulims (the local supermarket) or in the Mormon church parking lot.

Office space has been really tough lately. Broulims has been reworking their parking lot and now the church is totally destroying theirs…

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Victor Prelude

Everyone had a skip in their step today as my last Community School run before Memorial Day weekend was underway. The kids hadn’t come out yet so I was wandering around taking pictures of clouds (yea, I know…)

This shot was the last one in the set before heading back to my bus.

I enjoy creating a photo where the depth of field is infinite, i.e. the near is in focus as well as the far. That white rimmed mountain is our ski resort, Grand Targhee.

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Big Stick

I spotted this big skinned down tree rolling through Victor yesterday. I’m assuming it was heading over Teton Pass, destined to be the mainstay of a new luxury home in Jackson. That’s a good sign, maybe construction is bouncing back.

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Potato Swag

Occasionally I get swag from the folks I do business with and it’s usually in response to holiday gifts I’ve given to their kids. My therapist buddy K-Dawg knows me better than most and she just gave me this fine metal container of vodka, with a belt loop.

Grand Teton Distillery is our new award winning vodka company here and their new container is pretty cool, but I’m trying to imagine where I’d be hauling this thing around hanging off my belt! I suppose the Targhee Fest up on the hill might be appropriate, maybe the Victor Parade might work, or perhaps the Huntsman event is the place.

The Art Boxes contest a couple of years ago provided me this backdrop today.

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