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Happy Halloween!, Happy Birthday!, Happy Thanksgiving!, Happy Easter!, Happy Valentines Day!, Happy Mothers Day!, Happy Fathers Day!, Happy Presidents Day!, Happy Martin Luther King Jrs Birthday!, Happy Secretaries Day!

Ahh Suhck, what the Fahck holiday is this anyway? It’s probably just Shiht!

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I finally dragged my formally sick happy ass out of the valley today. There’s only so much intellectual stimulation the human brain can handle while at the same time putting a snot bucket on your desk underneath your nose while sipping hot lemon and honey brandy’s all day long.

As soon as I hit Newdale a blanket of heavy fog made driving just downright unpleasant so I skipped my trip to Idaho Falls, got my oil change in Rexburg and then made my supply stop at the worst Walmart in the Rockies. It seems like everything they have there is sitting in a discount bin.

On the way back I stopped to shoot the dry farms covered in very wet snow. The seed potatoes were snuggled all warm in their silos and everything was suddenly alright.

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My latest code has revealed data in the form of new polygons and shapefiles. Fascinating stuff, and here’s an example…

Ok, I’ll try to explain what this is… When Suhck grabs a photo from Flickr it also extracts a powerful code from their database called the woeid which stands for “where on earth id”. This is a unique universal code applied to millions of places around the world. Both Flickr and Yahoo maintain data about this location code and I’m accessing both API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) to get Yahoo’s bounding box, along with Flickr’s polyline data, and presenting them on a Google map. The arrow represents the true point at which the photo was taken. When you click on the thumbnail you’re taken to one of my other apps (fkscan) which allows you to view all of the photos belonging to that photographer. Make sense?

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My Roommate

My roommate is an alien. She hides her grotesque features with a mask and lights flash out of her head. Strange words also come out of her mouth.

Just now she said My little baby is asleep in my butt hole! Really?

It turns out she was referring to Piper cat asleep in the depression her butt made in the spare bed where she’s been sleeping to avoid my germs.

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San Francisco!

Miami Beach!


Mardi Gras!

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Busy Yard

We got about five inches of snow last night (the mountain got 12″ with powder heads going crazy) and when the sun came up I noticed we had some visitors. It could have been deer or moose this time of year. It’s cool that they feel comfortable here.

A beautiful warm day (20’s) got me to walk around the house and appreciate this nonsense we call Winter in the Rockies.

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I Cant Wait

Christmas is almost here and I’m so excited! It will be over. TGCIO. I was in Brolums today to pick out my turkey dinner and the place was a zoo. The delivery truck had arrived and the aisles were jammed with stockers and every resident of Teton Valley chose that time to go shopping.

People didn’t seem happy, just stressed and haggard. What the hell has this holiday become? I don’t know if you’ve picked up on it from earlier posts, but I’m boycotting the event this year, and I feel great about it.

There used to be some enjoyment when Steph and I exchanged gifts with my sisters side of the family but that was shut down a few years ago. As each subsequent christmas rolled around I began disliking it more and more. The only thing left was dinner at my sisters house on christmas day.

This year I’m even skipping that. I faced a tough decision in the store today, a Banquet turkey dinner for a buck and change or a Marie Callender for three and change. I splurged. Speaking of splurging I owe Steph a nice dinner for her recent birthday so I checked out the fancy joint up at Grand Targhee. They have a christmas eve special going on, for $50 bucks a head. Really? Curious as to what that kind of money would buy, I clicked on the menu page. It was a bad link! Are you kidding me?

Steph’s going to the sisters dinner and I will be all alone with the cat, a T.V. dinner and a bottle of whiskey. I can’t wait…

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Weekend Stuff

I’m hunkered down for the weekend battling some kind of sniffling achy painy thing but new stuff is flowing from my creative fingers and I’ll just throw things up here as they occur.

  • Cool Cloth
    • This is a cool little physics experiment that needs a computer and a mouse.

  • Nobamacare
    • Flaming liberals (you know who you are Skoge) should probably not watch this.

  • Suhck
    • I’ve been working on Version 2 of this program for several days and it’s finally ready for prime time. You can now specify a search term along with the number of photos to retrieve from Flickr. It performs the search against the photos tags.

    • (Sunday) I’ve optimized the image acquisition algorithm and it’s much faster. Here’s some examples:
      • Teton
      • Times Square
      • San Diego
      • Cute Cats
      • Popular

  • Bernanke Balance Sheet
    • A doubled unemployment rate and a doubled federal debt, and what do you get? Successful policies at the helm of the Fed? Hardly, I would think.

  • Please Daddy
    • Merry Christmas…

And to top the weekend off I got a visit from my significant other. She put the mask on just for me while we watched John Denver, Sinatra and Carson on YouTube…

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Swag 13

It was a pretty cool week for swag, and very nice to be appreciated. Today I got sweet pecans and spicy walnuts from Caleb, cookies from Soraya and candy from Cora. Yesterday I got maple syrup made on Aven’s family farm in Vermont and some Slim Jim’s from Carol. On Wednesday K-Dawg set me up with really tasty whiskey.

Amazon gift cards have been sent to my boy and my woman, and that pretty much wraps up the holiday for me.

btw: I also got a nice card from Aven:

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Fruit Baskets

Steph whipped up a couple of fruit baskets for her boss Anthony and their intrepid propane delivery driver, Dusty. Along with the scarfs she made for the Suburban Propane girls, the points are racking up! And, the roses are still holding their own.

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