Booze In Heaven

I really love The Gang. I’ve been transporting these six guys for many years now and we know each other well. I take them from their group home in Victor to the Joshua Smith Foundation school in Driggs, and back. Their average age is about 55, and I’m the old man on the bus.

Today, Mike wondered to the group if their was booze in heaven. I told them that God was a former bartender before he got the God job and that he probably negotiated an alcohol provision when he took the position. Yes! There is booze there.

I then carefully scanned their response to that comment in my rear view mirror. Predictably, some smiled that knowing look that Jim’s messing with them, a couple of them had no response, and Mike said really?

It’s been an amazing privilege to get to know these men…

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  1. Betty says:

    That’s funny Jim. God does love fixing people so I guess he just might have some booze in heaven. That would give a few angels a reason to need some help.

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