Weekend Stuff

I’m hunkered down for the weekend battling some kind of sniffling achy painy thing but new stuff is flowing from my creative fingers and I’ll just throw things up here as they occur.

  • Cool Cloth
    • This is a cool little physics experiment that needs a computer and a mouse.

  • Nobamacare
    • Flaming liberals (you know who you are Skoge) should probably not watch this.

  • Suhck
    • I’ve been working on Version 2 of this program for several days and it’s finally ready for prime time. You can now specify a search term along with the number of photos to retrieve from Flickr. It performs the search against the photos tags.

    • (Sunday) I’ve optimized the image acquisition algorithm and it’s much faster. Here’s some examples:
      • Teton
      • Times Square
      • San Diego
      • Cute Cats
      • Popular

  • Bernanke Balance Sheet
    • A doubled unemployment rate and a doubled federal debt, and what do you get? Successful policies at the helm of the Fed? Hardly, I would think.

  • Please Daddy
    • Merry Christmas…

And to top the weekend off I got a visit from my significant other. She put the mask on just for me while we watched John Denver, Sinatra and Carson on YouTube…

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3 Responses to Weekend Stuff

  1. Skoge says:

    Thanks for the warning

  2. Betty says:

    Oh no, which one is sick? Get well which ever one is sick.

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