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State View

It’s pretty cool that I can just jump in the truck, drive a couple of miles with no traffic, and enjoy views like this off of Stateline Rd. Both shots were taken from Wyoming.

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Old Engine

Our long time mechanic Jeremy needed some photos of my old engine, so I made a blog post out of it. Click the photo below to see the set, if you like. The old girl is running rough so we’re going to see about stripping some of the emissions crap out of her…

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Time Out

Had a fun mothers day over at Brian’s place until Dave acted up and we had to put him in timeout…

His boy Ethan was much better behaved.

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I was waiting for my Reach For Rainbows kids at the Community Center today and noticed this vehicle backed in and taking up two spots. I took this shot from the passenger steps of my bus and that’s not the rear window, that’s the front, and if you look closely you can see a guy passed out in the drivers seat. Pretty classy!

And, he was in front of the steps so the kids had to walk by him…

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Steph’s grand-daughter Lily eating a burrito. Her Mexican ancestors would be proud.

Her other grand-daughter Cora is a much better eater…

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Just setting up my graphics tools on the new box, thought I’d share. Here’s Emma, Steph’s sisters grand-daughter:

…and painted:

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My Diet

My daily diet has been evolving and I thought I would recap it here. Breakfast is critical for me, I need something to wrap my herbs around so it coats my stomach, otherwise the cayenne hurts. I’ve been making oatmeal but after some research I realize it’s a carb and not the best.

So, I’ve come up with a new creation, finely diced red cabbage and beets. I boil half a cup of water, pour in one cup of the mix and boil at medium for one minute, then cover and set aside while I finish blending my herbs. I then add a half cup of organic flaxseed meal which thickens the mix and top it off with a sliced banana. I eat half of it (quite delicious I might add), drink my herbs, and then eat the rest. Breakfast, done!

My mid-morning meal is just as religious. Around 1000 a have time to park my bus at Broulims and grab my fruit. It’s a fine ritual where I carefully select the orange, banana and avocado that jump out at me screaming choose me! If they pass my squeeze test I nestle them in my arms and buy them. Once back on my bus I lower a seat for a table and eat them. Brunch, done!

For lunch I go home and fix up a little protein, often just white albacore and boiled egg or sometimes I’ll fry some eggs (organic free range of course). To wash it down I use organic probiotic yogurt blended with whey protein powder. Lunch, done!

Dinner I share with Steph, especially since she does the cooking. It’s always well-rounded: salad, a vegetable and a little meat. She frequently cooks up one of those outrageously expensive free-range organic whole chickens and we get several meals from that. Dinner, done!

After everything settles down in my gut, I do my walk. I’ve come up with a technique that gets the most benefit from twenty minutes on the treadmill. I warm up with five minutes at 30 and then grab a couple barbells and do another five. The weights add a tension to my whole upper-body as I walk and it’s a great workout. I then crank the speed up to 32, walk another five minutes, crank it up to 35 and finish out with another five. About every third day I do a full workout after that.

Add in some major coding explorations: Node, React and Next and note the absence of other things: (sugar, bread, alcohol and drugs of any sort) and that’s my life!

As I was buying my fruit the other day the cashier asked how I was doing. I gushed out “I turn 71 in July and I feel like I’m 25!” Pretty much sums it up I suppose…

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