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Steph is expecting, and she’s finally able to do a baby basket that suits her own taste, and nobody else is going to put a baby basket like this together, so she made it today.

It’s also her birthday next Tuesday and she’s expecting a nice dinner out on the town. Her company Christmas party is on Friday and I expect she will give the basket to her pregnant co-worker. Another great basket, and perhaps the last for a while…

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One nice thing about staying home on Thanksgiving with no company is having lot’s of time to code. My latest app, underwent some dramatic structural changes yesterday and it’s looking and performing pretty good.

My web hosting provider BlueHost has a Thanksgiving half off sale going on so I bought another domain name called for $7.50. Isn’t that cutesy! Now if I could just figure out what the fahck I’m going to do with it…

Click the image below to take fahck for a spin!

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We pulled the tin hat off our expensive bird a little late in the process of approaching 170°. It was my call to withdraw it from the oven before it reached that picture perfect brown, and it was a good one as the meat melted smoothly on the tongue.

Steph and I had a fine meal this Thanksgiving with just the two of us. We stayed in our pajamas all day and didn’t have to drive anywhere or interact with anybody.

Gobble, gobble…

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$65 Turkey

All I can say about this is, it better taste great! I’ll get a shot of it all browned up tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving!

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It was about thirty minutes outside of Evanston, heading back home today, when the incident occurred. The morning was warming up but the sun hadn’t quite caught up with it when flashing lights appeared on the road up ahead.

I slowed down and realized it was a school bus picking someone up. I wondered why it was out so early and realized later it was headed to a small college down the road. I gave it plenty of room and we were doing 65 again when an old pickup showed up on my tail, and passed me.

The three of us were just cruising along in the fading dark when the truck slammed on his brakes and I saw the antelope fly across the road in front of him. I hit my brakes, not knowing if there was a herd of them following him.

There wasn’t, and as the sun came up I arrived at Palisades Reservoir:

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I drove down to Evanston, WY this morning. It was a peaceful clear Monday with hardly any traffic on the two hundred mile drive. There’s something special about a road trip where each participating unit performs its function perfectly.

My sweet little truck Jill handles the road like a cat, purring all the way. Tomi the GPS lets me forget about the logistics involved in arriving at the destination, I just let her guide me. My job is simple, I just do what I do best, drive…


I was playing some song on the radio about burning down a liquor store when I shot these video clips, finishing up with cows in the road. You got to love Wyoming.

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Ceiling Guy

It’s fascinating that you can occasionally discover a view of your house that you’ve never quite noticed before. Such was the case this evening as I was laying spread out naked on my back, on the massage table that Steph bought more than a decade ago, as she worked to resolve the pain in my head.

My head feels great now, and here’s my new friend, Ceiling Guy!

So, back to work on fahck

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Ok, here I go again, inventing a new word and grabbing the domain name to go with it. My new word fahck is pronounced as fawk with a little breathyness and the name cost me twelve bucks.

I’ve now created a new website called It’s a five character domain name with character. I have no idea what I’m going to do with it, but what the fahck, it will be unique for sure…

My Vegas trip fell through due to weather and health issues yet I’m forging on with a road trip to who the fahck knows where and I’ll keep you informed…

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Our local ski resort opened today with a total snowfall of 97″ and a 47″ base. This is a hopping time around the valley with lots of smiles coming from the powder heads and the Targhee buses are running again. Welcome back guys!

It’s been a perfect opening, snow has stopped and a long range clear weather forecast is coming up. I shot this yesterday when I got home, from the edge of our driveway.

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My Box

A box showed up in my office yesterday containing black ink cartridges for my printer. I print out our company documents from here and the company keeps me supplied in ink.

The Rexburg drivers coordinated together to get the box up here and it passed between a few hands. Once the cartridges were removed, it became Pipers property. I guess it’s going to stay here for a while, right next to her scratchpad.

With that look would you dare to take it away from her?

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