One nice thing about staying home on Thanksgiving with no company is having lot’s of time to code. My latest app, fahck.com underwent some dramatic structural changes yesterday and it’s looking and performing pretty good.

My web hosting provider BlueHost has a Thanksgiving half off sale going on so I bought another domain name called wishpy.com for $7.50. Isn’t that cutesy! Now if I could just figure out what the fahck I’m going to do with it…

Click the image below to take fahck for a spin!

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  1. Hey, why do my posts say they are from “Annonymous” ??? And not Skoge… What’s up? Are you trying to tell me something?

  2. It all started a couple of weeks ago when I installed a plugin that blocked spam comments. I was getting 300 spam comments a day that I had to manually delete, so it made my life way easier.

    Previous approved commenters should have just been passed through and others prompted with a captcha to prove they’re human. For some reason yours didn’t work. Maybe you could log off as Skoge and then relog in and solve the captcha.

    You’re one of my favorite commenters, Annonymous, I mean Skoge.

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