We pulled the tin hat off our expensive bird a little late in the process of approaching 170°. It was my call to withdraw it from the oven before it reached that picture perfect brown, and it was a good one as the meat melted smoothly on the tongue.

Steph and I had a fine meal this Thanksgiving with just the two of us. We stayed in our pajamas all day and didn’t have to drive anywhere or interact with anybody.

Gobble, gobble…

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! We went to Pleasanton for dinner with Erik and 12 other people. An hour and half home and now in pjs. Lucky you, being able to stay in them all day. Oh, well, maybe tomorrow.

  2. Thanksgiving day is our be comfortable wear a funny hat, wear PJS and have a laughing great fun day. Which we did wish you guys would have been here with us. I think there will be pictures later not from me because I don’t know how to get them up. Glad you guys had a nice one.

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