A Visitor

I was laying on my left side in bed this morning when I felt three distinctive taps on my forehead just above my right eye. I instantly moved my hand to the spot thinking it was Piper or Steph, and nothing was there.

As my mind transitioned from half sleep to fully awake I took stock of my surroundings. Piper was snuggled up to my feet at the foot of the bed, I could feel her through the blankets, and Steph had her back up against mine, no way she could have reached my head with her hands. Then I opened my eyes.

The first thing I saw was the clock on the nightstand reading 5:15. This was 5 minutes past my normal weekday get out of bed time so my body was awake but I was just resisting because it’s Sunday and the house was cold and covered with snow.

I laid there in bed for another hour contemplating the visit and my mortality, which has been heavy on my mind lately. I finally got up, compelled to write this post over my first cup of coffee. My thoughts go back to that Rumi post, when the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds is the thinnest; when all of our angels can most easily brush their radiant fingers across our cheeks.

Today I’ve just hunkered down and worked on my latest program, Symegry.

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