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January Monday

It was a nice little Monday in January around here today. There were some cool wispy clouds hanging around the Big Holes, the snow blocks are ready to be carved and I went to the climbing gym where I drop kids off all the time, and I was surprised…

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Up The Hill

Steph’s sister Sandy and sibling Kerry brought a family truck named Baby from Washington State here to the Valley yesterday. It’s now Steph’s new ride and we have to work on sending her Mazda into a well deserved retirement.

We hopped on the Grand Targhee shuttle this morning and rode up the hill to enjoy the ambiance of a fine powder day, and here’s some shots: (Click the photo below…)

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Here’s a little art work for a Sunday evening. The original photo was a steel sculpture in downtown Seattle shot many years ago. I’ve been writing code on a single app for more than two months now but it’s not ready for release, so I play with my painting tools for a break…

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Hose Puller

I was parked along the side of the road on Main St in Victor this morning and I stepped off the bus to stretch. I noticed footprints heading off into the snow and realized it was the tracks of a lonely Hose Puller. These are the guys that drive those funny looking round tank trucks around town, full of propane, and their job description requires them to trudge off into the snow dragging a hose behind them just to fill a tank.

I shook my head and stepped back into my warm bus…

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The Earth and the Moon shot from a NASA spacecraft…

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