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Teton Valley Winterfest 3

Setting Up

This is the very first step in this years third annual Great Snow Fest. The guys arrived early this morning with the frames and plywood and by this afternoon the boxes were assembled and waiting for snow to be dumped in them.

I’ve covered the first two and I’ll be posting updates here until the winner is chosen.

Update: Oops, I was wrong. Those frames were not part of the boxes! I pulled in today to drop my kids and they were still there along with a big pile of concrete. They’re finally breaking ground on the new Teton Geotourism Center that’s been in the works for years!

This should be interesting, major construction right next to the ice sculptures :-) Anyway, I’ll grab box shots tomorrow morning…

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Snow Cubes

The cubes are ready for carving!

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Carving Begins

The 2014 ice sculpture carving began yesterday. I was down there this morning just before the sun made it up over the foothills, so it made for some nice soft lighting, and there were no people around. I’ll shoot it again tomorrow.

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Coming Along

Winterfest is going full speed today and the blocks are starting to take shape. There’s some new stuff showing up, the cone head is back, and the kids still have a place to play.

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SnowScapes 2014

Steph and I went down to the Ice Sculptures this morning. It was voting day and the turnout was great, with lot’s of tourists in town.

Here’s 41 photos from the event, Enjoy!

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Ok I admit it, I aint no Marty Scorsese, I’m just a blogger with a Go-Pro. This morning I was sitting by the Sculptures and there were no people so I grabbed my little video cam and did a great walk-around shoot. My camera hand was freezing when I got back in the bus but then my brain began sizzling when I saw that I’d left the lens cap on!

There is no view finder on this little box, just a red light indicating that it’s recording. So, I had a great video of blackness… Not to be deterred, I went over and shot it again.

This second one is pretty good although I had to dodge this frumpy women who crept into the scene, not completely successfully I might add. It distracted me enough that I didn’t explore the finer detailed side of the covered wagon.

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