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Teton Valley Winterfest 4

Snow Scooping

There was a steady progression of small dump trucks looping through the Driggs Mormon Church parking lot yesterday getting loaded up with snow from the formidable snowbank that used to exist there along 2nd Avenue.

I think they’re gathering up resources for the upcoming Snowfest 2015 event and storing it at that large area south of Broulims. This will be my fourth year covering this event here on my blog and I hope you stay tuned, and enjoy my coverage!

Here’s a few photos to accompany the video.

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Fest Prep

They were putting up the sculpture boxes last week and the volunteer snow stompers did their thing yesterday afternoon. It should be a great Event this year with a lot of things consolidated here in Driggs.

If your going to live in a small town it’s best to live in one with a world class Ski Resort up the road, the first Geotourism Center in the country, a 5-star Resort popping up north of town, and a slew of events like this throughout the year!

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Boxes Of Snow

I went for a walk around the Boxes of Snow this morning. They’ve all been packed and stomped by local volunteers last Friday, and despite the moderately warm weather they should be ready to unwrap shortly. I’m sure the tourists driving through town wonder what the hell these things are :-)

Hey, there’s my bus in the background! I park there by Barrels and Bins every morning from 0745 to 0815 M-F waiting for parents to drop their kids off for the trip to the Community School in Victor. That also lets me check out the ice sculptures…

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The wraps came off the boxes of snow this morning, and the artists moved in. It should be another great event this year and I’ll keep you posted for sure.

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Ice Block Walk

This mornings walk-around…

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