Santa Cruz

New Years Eve is approaching as I put the finishing touches on my new app PinPoint.

I was traveling around the world tonight, creating PermaMaps for the app and happened upon one of my old hangs back in the late seventies. It was a very cool apartment across from the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, in the middle of summer. I was developing IBM Sys-32 software from a desk with a view of the beach and boardwalk.

It was a crazy fun summer. Write code, go to the beach. Write code, ride the roller coaster. And here I am now, hunkered down in the snow, reminiscing about it…

Here’s the Map.

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Exit Strategy

This isn’t the fanciest driveway plow job in the neighborhood, but it’s practical. At least we can get to the road, and the mailbox.

It’s New Years eve and we’re hunkered down with lobster and plenty of booze, and our vehicles aren’t going anywhere. The only moving vehicles around here are heading up to ski. From the looks of this I’d say Targhee picked up some much needed gnarly pow.

Update: Just moments after this was posted, the subdivision plow guy showed up and finished it off. We’re still not going anywhere, it’s amateur night… ;-)

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Another Jeep Job

Riley is becoming the Jeep rebuild specialist in the Seattle area. He’s been sending me pictures of his latest project and I had to take a look at his previous Jeep job to see if I was confusing them.

Nope, different Jeep…

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CC Mural

I arrived at the Driggs Community Center today to pick up Wilma and Virginia, our venerable 80+ seniors. As I entered the building I spotted a wall mural I had never noticed before. It yelled to me Photo Opp, so I grabbed my camera, and here you go…

It’s not small, I’d estimate about ten feet across…

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Nap Time

The girls were sleeping in the middle of the day and I just had to capture the moment…

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Well, nobody offered up a guess as to where I was on my little mini-vacation so I’ll just spill the beans. I was hanging out over in our state capital, Boise, Idaho.

I stayed at the most expensive place in town…
And my posts originated from the BusDriverJim mobile office.
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Dropped by the Wusinich house yesterday, before Christmas dinner, and Scott was cooking up some Yams. He saved the potato stubs, created a cool dip on the fly, and it was delicious. The shrimps and dip were great also, thanks guys!

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I’ve got a sweet little program in the works, called Geography. It’s a mashup of the column layout that I developed for the blog utilities and my new Bing Map program.

Essentially it displays over two hundred country names of the world, in column format. Click on a name and a high resolution digital map of that country will be presented. In some places of the world you can zoom down to street level, for amazing detail.

If you have a tabbed browser (and why wouldn’t you :-), leave the first map tab open, and it will be reused. Very handy!

And yes K-D, send this link to your tech-savvy dad, he’ll love it!

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Where Am I, Day 4

I’ve been on the move today, currently located at 43.7231082 /-111.1111034.
Update: If you clicked that link and zoomed in, you would see I’m back home!

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Where Am I, Day 3

The local boys won their bowl game last night, 56 to 24. Meanwhile, I wandered around this morning and ran into all sorts of eclectic photo ops…

The picture below was on some artwork depicting 19th century ads in the local paper.

A real live homeless panhandlers sign, found abandoned at a bus stop.
I could comment, but I’ll just let it speak for itself…
A view of the state college through a cool oval thing.
Every county in the state has a sign along Capitol Blvd.
A wooden walkway to the edge of the river, downtown by the campus.
Some cool architecture on campus.
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Where Am I, Day 2

Walked uptown in this mystery city today and took some photos. There are a few clues that are blatantly obvious, like it’s the capital city of some state.

Their bowl game is tonight. I’m not a college football fan, but I think I’ll watch.

SlideShow (Where Am I, Day 2)
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Where Am I, Day 1

I’ve taken a trip to escape the holiday pressure, and charge up my depleted batteries. Having arrived at my destination I will start to slowly feed out clues about the location. Feel free to comment if you get it!

Clue: It’s a college town with a bowl bound football team, and no snow on the ground. Tired from travel, much more tomorrow :-)

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Frozen Fog

Occasionally, the fog will come rolling into the valley, and freeze on the trees. It happened today and turned our area into a winter wonderland. Watch the SlideShow.

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Mesa Shoot

Steph found a photo on her camera of me shooting video at Mesa Falls last October. I applied my barrel lens effect to it and here you go…

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