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And, here’s Obomba’s latest State of the Union speech run through my Shiht app…

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I took this photo yesterday while kicking back for a few minutes before picking up a client in Drictor. Just another great shot out my passenger door…

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Therapy Card

I got a nice surprise today when I dropped a kiddo off at Teton Therapy in Victor. We do a lot of business with these girls and today Heather handed me an envelope as I was leaving. They bought me a hamburger!

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The warning label on my vehicles sun-visor caught my eye today. Sit as far back as possible from the air bag? What if you have short legs? It’s also troubling to know the back seat is the safest for kids. What about the poor kids that have to sit in the front seats when the bus is full? As far as child restraints go, I’m all in favor of them.

And finally, it’s good to know that if my bus is ever hijacked by a French terrorist, he will know how to protect himself from the vicious air bag.

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Pioneer Park

After I drop at the school in the morning I head over to this park in Victor before getting the gang. The cell towers are right next door so I can read the news on my smartphone and watch the kiddies play in the playground. Or not…

Actually, I have no idea why this place is covered with footprints. I know these Valley kids are a hearty bunch but this much snow and sub-zero temps just don’t seem conducive to a fun playground experience.

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One of my Gang members, Mike, shared a fascinating conspiracy theory with me this morning. He believes the Canon engineers have implanted electronics in their cameras that allow them to see his face, back in their labs in Japan, whenever he takes a picture.

I pulled out my Canon and walked back to take this picture of his Canon. Ya know, he could be on to something. My camera has built in WI-FI and GPS and it talks to the satellites! They may have now noticed that I took this photo, and have subsequently uncovered their nefarious actions. Hmmm…

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Grumpy Valentine

Valentine things began to appear on the craft side of our dining room table yesterday and I knew what that meant. I told Steph I wasn’t in the mood to give out stuff this time, that I was burned out by the past lack of appreciation shown by these entitlement issue charter school brats who don’t know how to say thank you. Out of the twenty xmas gifts that went to the kids last month I think I got three responses.

I could see Steph was disappointed and I finally got over my grumpy self and told her to go ahead. I do love those little punks, they just need to learn how to say hello, goodbye and thank you. There are a few exceptions in the bunch and maybe I’ll give them an extra card this Valentines, thanking them for acknowledging me.

btw: I’ve just launched my new app Rahton. Do you like movies?

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I’ve encountered some incredible Flickr images during the development of Suhck and when a theme jumps out, I capture the images. Breaking off from my position of nothing but original photos taken by me, I give you four moms and their kids…

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Ok I admit it, I aint no Marty Scorsese, I’m just a blogger with a Go-Pro. This morning I was sitting by the Sculptures and there were no people so I grabbed my little video cam and did a great walk-around shoot. My camera hand was freezing when I got back in the bus but then my brain began sizzling when I saw that I’d left the lens cap on!

There is no view finder on this little box, just a red light indicating that it’s recording. So, I had a great video of blackness… Not to be deterred, I went over and shot it again.

This second one is pretty good although I had to dodge this frumpy women who crept into the scene, not completely successfully I might add. It distracted me enough that I didn’t explore the finer detailed side of the covered wagon.

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SnowScapes 2014

Steph and I went down to the Ice Sculptures this morning. It was voting day and the turnout was great, with lot’s of tourists in town.

Here’s 41 photos from the event, Enjoy!

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Our Ice

Our roof has been busy creating it’s own little pieces of ice art. Nothing fancy or big, I’ve seen them reach the deck some winters, just nice.

Piper doesn’t care, she hates the snow and ice and rarely ventures out in it, just give her a Rinnai heater and she’s happy.

I’ve also determined that life is like driving here in the winter, it’s a controlled slide!

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Quiet Morning

As I’ve mentioned before, I sit in my bus every weekday morning by the Driggs Community center, waiting for kids that need a ride to school in Victor. I’m there from 0750 to 0815 so if you’re in the neighborhood, drop by and say hi!

As work on the new Tourist Center progresses I’ve gradually shifted my parking spot further towards Main Street and yesterday morning I had a hardhat guy knock on my door to let me know he put cones behind my bus. I’ll tell you, between construction, and the ice sculptures to my right, this place in anything but quiet…

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Coming Along

Winterfest is going full speed today and the blocks are starting to take shape. There’s some new stuff showing up, the cone head is back, and the kids still have a place to play.

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Carving Begins

The 2014 ice sculpture carving began yesterday. I was down there this morning just before the sun made it up over the foothills, so it made for some nice soft lighting, and there were no people around. I’ll shoot it again tomorrow.

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Snow Cubes

The cubes are ready for carving!

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