One of my Gang members, Mike, shared a fascinating conspiracy theory with me this morning. He believes the Canon engineers have implanted electronics in their cameras that allow them to see his face, back in their labs in Japan, whenever he takes a picture.

I pulled out my Canon and walked back to take this picture of his Canon. Ya know, he could be on to something. My camera has built in WI-FI and GPS and it talks to the satellites! They may have now noticed that I took this photo, and have subsequently uncovered their nefarious actions. Hmmm…

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  1. Surprised you didn’t list the new Cohen Brothers movie, “Inside Llewin Davis.” Is there a “Search” at Rhaton? I liked it, Rahton, that is. IMDb is a good resource, also, for anything related to movies, actors, crew, anything in the film industry. They rated the latest Cohen movie a 7.3/10.

  2. I’m just limited to the data from RT. Hey, glad you like it! Thanks. Search is a great idea and IMDB links for the actors is also cool. I’ll work on it tonight :-)

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