Grumpy Valentine

Valentine things began to appear on the craft side of our dining room table yesterday and I knew what that meant. I told Steph I wasn’t in the mood to give out stuff this time, that I was burned out by the past lack of appreciation shown by these entitlement issue charter school brats who don’t know how to say thank you. Out of the twenty xmas gifts that went to the kids last month I think I got three responses.

I could see Steph was disappointed and I finally got over my grumpy self and told her to go ahead. I do love those little punks, they just need to learn how to say hello, goodbye and thank you. There are a few exceptions in the bunch and maybe I’ll give them an extra card this Valentines, thanking them for acknowledging me.

btw: I’ve just launched my new app Rahton. Do you like movies?

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  1. What a helpful package. Things that all children and adults can use. Let me thank you for all those receiving your thoughtful gifts. Nice pictures and a great job to my daughter.

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