When one is standing by ready to swoop in and perform a ride, we refer to it as staged. In this case, I’m sitting by and my arm is staged.

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Pipe Dreams

Last night I dreamed that I was in my bed sleeping when I heard Piper meowing softly from the floor beside my bed. I whispered to her come on up but she just kept making that sound. Then I woke up, in my bed, and Piper was snuggled up against me dreaming and making soft little meow sounds. Whew, complicated…

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Hanson Ranch

I was driving by the Hanson place north of Hatches Corner this morning and grabbed this shot. My first passenger of the day was down the road and yes, to my devoted followers, that means exactly what it implies. I’m back!

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Seattle Storm

I think there was a race horse by this name but today it’s West Coast reality. I just got off the phone with Riley and he told me about this thing heading their way, so I checked it out. It looks bad and Steph’s flying out in the morning so I better call her real quick and make sure I’ve got her banks pin number. You know, just in case Piper needs cat food or something…

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Brian Sunday

I had a couple of great outings with my nephew Brian today. He walked over from next door this morning and we power walked towards town down the road that separates our sub-division from Miller Ranch. He commented about the fast pace I was setting, which I recognized as my treadmill speed.

We made another trip out this afternoon for a great soak at the Huntsman Springs spa. This is the driving range next door…

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Up The Road

I drove up the road this morning, just because I can and sometimes have to, only to remind myself why I live here.

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The word reflection is a homonym, one with multiple meanings, and to me it means two things: Looking at my current life and reflecting on the decisions I make every moment, and looking at my nose reflecting in the mirror, reflecting on the ever improving healthy state of my liver and my body in general.

Tonight I do both with intensity and passion. I just finished my 30-30 workout (30-minute treadmill at 3.0 mph followed by 30 of my special ab-routines), looked at my nose, and praised myself out loud for not breaking down and driving to the liquor store for a Friday night binge. In fact, it will be three months without a drop come Oct, 15.

Now I can sit here alone with my blog, which I almost accidently killed recently with more than six years of posts down the drain, and reflect on my life. I’m not totally alone, Piper is cruising along under my seat pimping me for treats, but Steph is gone, flown away on a big jet plane, and the house is dark and cold except for my warm little office.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by and checking in. Much appreciated.

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