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My Cockpit

Wow… Sure glad I added the pit to that title. This is a picture of my work space. The place I hang, good old bus 801. It’s still only got about 35k miles on it, and I drove it last winter with top of the line Toyo studded snow tires. It’s a sweet sixteen passenger tank…

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Bus 801

This is my main ride here in the valley. I’ve put most of the 36k miles on it, although it did a short stint as an Idaho Falls route bus. I’ve got three new buses here at my disposal, but this is the bigger one, and my favorite. I’m the only driver, so I get my pick.

I took a drive out Hastings Lane today and grabbed some shots:

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FJ-4 Fury

The Driggs airport has some great old planes stashed away, including a couple of MIG’s. There’s nothing like the roar of two loud old jets taking off over Highway 33, to go play tag in the Big Holes.

Here’s a rare U.S Navy FJ-4 Fury, warming up.

This is the last flying North American FJ Fury left in the world! (Wiki)

I could hear the roar of the jet as I drove by. Had to stop and take a shot…

Update: Shot another unknown jet. If you know what it is, leave a comment.

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Car Creep

I see this happen all the time. I’m staging in the Broulim’s parking lot and one person starts the event by pulling too far ahead in their parking spot. The next person in, determines their stopping position based on the car to their left. Pretty soon, several cars are looking really stupid :-)

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Water Taxi

Before I moved to the Rockies, I was a supervisor for a transportation company in Seattle. One of our services was to link up with the Water Taxi, which brought people from Pier 50 in Seattle, to Seacrest Park in West Seattle.

When the boat arrived, our buses would be waiting to take people around Alki point, and then bring them back for the return trip to Seattle.

This was a fun route in the summer and when a driver called off, I got to drive it.

Here’s some photos I took back then, of the Water Taxi coming into Seacrest Park:

SlideShow (Water Taxi)

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73 Gran Torino

For sale in Victor.

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Sumner, WA

Riley and Jessica Bangert, and their respective fathers, Jim and Ray, went to breakfast today in Sumner, WA at a place called the Buttered Biscuit. Great down home place with huge servings. Stuffed ourselves and had a great time…

As we were leaving, we spotted an old muscle car show and a fire starting up in the neighborhood. Who could resist? So we checked it out:

SlideShow (Sumner, WA)


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Nice Rack

Our girl Lucy is 24 years old. She’s been complaining that her rack is sagging, so we’re letting her have some surgery done.

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Hay Bus

Tetonia dairy farmer Ron Hanson has a cool hay hauling vehicle. It’s an old school bus, stripped down to it’s chassis. It’s also used to haul kids around during Homecoming.

I met Ron a few years ago while driving by his farm, north of Hatches Corner. This hay tossing farmer has arms like basketballs, and his handshake was impressive!

SlideShow (Hay Bus)
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Boat In Bay

Steph’s still liquidating hardwood from the Tolberts building. This morning she found a large boat sitting in the bay. It wasn’t there when she left the shop yesterday.

I’m sure there’s a good reason for it being there, but at the moment, it’s a mystery…

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We had a fun dinner with K-Dawg at the Warbirds Cafe last night. Before she arrived I was checking out the old planes in the back hanger. These are all flight ready vehicles.

That little strip hanging off the intake cover says Remove Before Flight. You think?

SlideShow (Warbirds)
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Trailer In Bay

Steph is finally finished liquidating the hardwood store, and the mystery Boat is gone. She went there this morning to do some final clean up and found a large horse trailer filled with garbage, where the boat had previously been.

Again, no clue as to who the owner is…

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Musical Vehicles

I have four vehicles that I use regularly, Jack, my 79 lifted Silverado, Lucy, my 87 Mazda 626 with tons of finely aged miles on her, and two buses that I obviously don’t own, but use to accomplish my job.

It all depends on the weather as to which vehicles get used, and when. The commute between the house and base is 2.3 miles and I frequently park my bus and go home for lunch and breaks. Lucy gets 40+ mpg and is the obvious choice here but sometimes a foot of snow on the road requires a four-wheeled drive tank like Jack, at 10 mpg.

My regular bus, #845, is a 12 passenger sweetheart with a great turning radius. For most weather conditions she does fine, but sometimes the weather turns absolutely crazy and then it’s time to crank up the Stud, #801. This is a 16 passenger bus with four brand new Firestone studded snow tires sitting on the rear. The only thing that would stop this thing, is to bottom out.

Vehicle management is my game. Today was a Lucy/845 combo…

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Jet Low

Caught this cool jet coming in for a landing…

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Truck Fixed

That noise from my truck that caused me to bail on the Oregon Coast has been identified and fixed. It was the catalytic converter which had crumbled apart internally and was impeding the exhaust system. Also, the vehicle has no muffler and the exhaust pipe sort of ended in the middle of the truck.

Took it down to Driggs Tire and they installed a new converter and welded in some spare pipe to extend out the back. It’s really quiet now and my mileage should improve.

The spare pipe…

Extending out the back!

SlideShow (Truck Fixed)

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