Muffler Madness

My mechanic recommended Art’s Muffler in Idaho Falls to install a nice little Flow-Master onto my sweet sounding exhaust system so I called them yesterday and made an appointment for 0800 this morning. When I got there the asshole at the counter told me that nobody wrote my appointment down, they were booked solid and he told me to come back another day. Really, after a 1.5 hour drive?

There were several techs standing in front of the place, I could tell they worked there because they just had this muffler guy look about them, but they had no time for me today. Oh well, with the brake work I was going to get done on top of it they just lost out on several hundred of my hard-earned bucks!

So screw you Art’s Muffler in Idaho Falls! May this blog post float to the top of a Google search and haunt your sorry ass forever.

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