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Traveling around the country

Jackson, Wyoming

It’s 35 miles from my house to downtown Jackson. Did you know that the town is called Jackson, and the valley it resides in is called Jackson Hole? Yep.

There is a major mountain pass in between, so the drive is not trivial. I decided to mosey over there today, get some shots, and see what’s happening.

I ran into a big tourist crowd for the Saturday market. It was too busy to even take photos so I slipped into the park and snapped one off.

I then worked my way between baby strollers, and dogs fighting, to the downtown area. Empty! This is significant, Jackson has gone from upscale shopping, to farmers market.

Heading back home, I stopped and shot the back side of the Grand Tetons.
But of course, Jackson people consider them the front side :-)

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Chicken Adobo 1

A combination of chicken, soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, ginger and peppercorns makes up the Philippine national dish, and I’ve been craving it. There’s a little shop serving it up at Pike Place Market, that I’ve been going to for years, and it’s still there.

Steph and I had Riley’s wedding to attend later in the evening so we headed to the Market first to have some Chicken Adobo.

The rest of the afternoon was anticlimactic, but still had a lot of fun on perhaps the most beautiful day Seattle has enjoyed this summer. (So the locals say…)

Lot’s of good sights were to be had at the Market:

And of course Steph had to rescue a car trying to back out into pedestrians. :-)

Turned out to be a great little adventure before the big night!

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Seattle Magic

No pictures to add here, though lot’s to come. Just wanted to say to friends and family that our ’87 Mazda 626 (Lucy), with 252K miles on her, has just taken Steph and I to Seattle, and brought us back home.

We had great quality time with the people we love, and have missed immensely. We also witnessed our Riley marry a beautiful girl, and into a terrific family.

The wedding on the Kirkland shoreline, on the prettiest night of the year, was magical.

Stay tuned for great pictures and videos!

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Return Ride

Steph and I were coming across the dry farms last night, heading into the valley. I got a break from the driving in Idaho Falls, and I was playing around with my camera.

I discovered that photos taken at 65mph in Sport Mode (fast shutter speed), look great!

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Seattle Leftovers

Here’s some content that never quite made it on the blog, but deserves recognition:

Kent, WA has a Lesbian bar. Been there a few times, always had fun!
This is the Shopper Shuttle bus in Kent. Drove it, managed it…

Jess and Riley’s Chihuahua, Bentley. One of two dogs in the household.
Riley came home Friday exhausted after a hard day at the auto body shop.

One of a bunch of fish that were giveaways at the wedding.
The hot house (currently unused) in Riley’s backyard.

The Ride The Ducks staging area in Seattle.
The water thing down on the Alaskan Way pier in Seattle.

People crossing the 4 way walk at Pike Place Market.
The crowd at Marina Park in Kirkland, before the wedding.

Starting the wedding setup in the big gazebo.
Kjirsten the wedding photographer taking pictures of fish.

The Green River killer used to dump his victims here. Now it’s just pretty.
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