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Crahck Head

I’ve ported my cool responsive text stuff over to my latest app, Crahck. I know, yada yada yada, you’re tired of me going on and on about stupid code crap. What you really want to see is me hunkered down in my office creating this stuff.

Ok, here:

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Responsive Logo

I’ve been playing with responsive text which expands and contracts proportionately as the browser window size is adjusted. The picture below shows a browser image with a trick graduated background and if you click on it you can see it in real time.

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Ready Again

This is preparedness taken to a new level. It’s not even October yet and my bags of goodies are good to go. My veteran kids know the drill, on Valentines, Halloween, Christmas and Easter they always get something from BusDriverJim, but the new kids have yet to learn that.

One of the moms came up to me the other day to tell me her son still has his mint George Washington Presidential $1 coin that was stashed in a plastic egg last Easter. It’s one of his prized possessions. I’m sure most of the kids spent theirs.

Every year I say I’m going to stop this tradition but moments like that and the fact that Steph keeps whipping these things up means it will continue…

The bags on the left are for the Joshua Smith boys :-)

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My Ribs

I’ve got a new way to cook ribs that I discovered by accident. My favorite recipe called for creating a rub with brown sugar, hickory smoke salt (I use liquid smoke), paprika, garlic powder and ground red pepper (I use my cayenne). You would normally rub the stuff onto the meat and cook it in the oven, adding your favorite barbeque sauce at the end, the idea being not to cook the sauce.

Last time I added the barbeque sauce (Sweet Baby Ray) right into the rub mix, oops. To salvage them I used a commercial rub we had sitting in the cabinet and then smothered the cut sections of meat with my sauce. I couldn’t bake them at this point so I wrapped them up in foil and slow-cooked them in the crockpot.

I’ve repeated that process today, cooking on six hour setting for a while and I’ll be finishing up on eight, just in time for dinner. The real secret to this process is to put the crockpot out in the grungiest part of the garage so it doesn’t make the house smell like delicious ribs all day. Click the photo below for more pictures.

The thick sauce gets cooked deep into the meat and it falls right off the bone.

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One of my new kids from the Community School is a young man named Cash. He’s a cute kid and with a name like that he should be quite the cowboy ladies man. The problem is, he’s kind of forgetful, so his mom walks up to my drivers window every afternoon at Barrels and Bins and hands me his punch card.

Today she mentioned that in looking the punch card over she discovered that the card was printed just for her boy!

Very clever Misty…

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A guy was walking around Broulims today with an adorable baby animal in a flowery cotton bag. It’s name was Hamilton Hamilton (first,last) and was a species you don’t normally see around here. The guy said he acquired Hamilton down in Texas.

It’s a baby kangaroo :-)

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Grand Sunrise

Today is the last warm day of the year. We should be hitting the low eighties here in the valley and it’s all downhill from there. I took this shot heading out to Ski Hill Road from our house this morning, and it’s definitely a Grand sunrise.

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Driving by Broulims this morning I spotted this great Fall display and just had to stop and grab these squash shots. This time of year around here still makes me smile inside. I think I’ll head up to the foothills this weekend and do a photo-shoot.

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Well Trained

I was staging in the Broulims parking lot this morning and spotted this cool dog sitting in the back of his owners truck. No leash, no barking, just sitting there guarding the property. I was curious to see what kind of macho cowboy would come sauntering back to his truck and his well trained dog.

I wasn’t expecting this :-)

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In keeping with my Phonetic H series of websites I’d like to introduce my latest:

Crahck [] (Still tweaking, refresh for latest build…)

It’s a great Current News reader, works across all mobile platforms, and now joins the rest of my addresses. The code attached to these domain names is useful, experimental, and entertaining. I do this because I have a passion about grabbing creative nuance names from the internet domain space and furthering my programming skills by making them do something cool!

Update: (9/28) Bug fix! The loading indicator was hidden but blocking links.

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