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When I Die

My simple little blog provides me the opportunity to express my wishes on how I want my friends and family to deal with my death. What a powerful thing this is! I have a lot of folks that read this, and it’s now date-stamped and real.

I have developed some interesting philosophy’s during my time alive. I don’t believe in cremation or organ donation, it’s a wrong way to enter the other side. My grandfather was buried in a simple box in a Sacramento, CA cemetery and I believe he could very well be my guardian angel. He didn’t have his organs cut out because he was a donor, and his physical body was not destroyed by fire and converted to a jar of ashes.

Please, set me up with a small little burial plot here in the valley with a view of the Tetons. A pauper’s coffin is fine and since I’m not religious, I don’t want any church involvement at all. If folks want to gather later at our house and tell my son Riley what a good guy I was, that’s ok.

There you go, these are my end of life wishes…

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Hill Creek Burn

The Hill Creek area prescribed burn is underway. They’re black lining the perimeter today, getting ready to blow it up on Friday and Saturday by hand and aerial ignition.

The Forest Service says these burns are: intended to meet the primary objectives for reducing conifer encroachment within aspen stands, promoting aspen regeneration, reducing dead and down fuel accumulations, and rejuvenate mountain brush which will improve wildlife habitat.

Photo taken from my base around 11:00:

… coming back to base at 15:30:

So, they mess up the air quality and drive bears into our backyard, but hey, they must know what they’re doing, they are a government agency after all…

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On The Road

Sometimes you need to just get out there on the road. I just checked and with all the travelling I’ve done over the last few years I can’t believe I don’t have a post with this title. So, here you go, me on the road today, literally, on my knees…

On the other side of that little blip at the end of the road is the Wyoming state line.

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Roots Is Shut

Darn, and I needed a haircut bad! Perhaps folks became nauseous from the buildings color combination and had to turn away. Or maybe Alta just split town with her mom when they sold the North End Bar & Grill in Tetonia?

Steph worked with Alta at the local newspaper in our early days here and she’s partied at our house. Root’s was her most recent business adventure, but I guess it didn’t pan out. r.i.p roots…

Update: Steph said she’s still in the Valley, renting out a spot at another hair place.

…and, I was feeling a bit creative tonight, so I painted this:

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Rigby Road

I drove to town this morning for some Flanagan Krrrrisp Kruat to go with our Johnsonville Irish O’ Garlic Sausage‘s for dinner tonight and I spotted a garage sale sign on the way home. With refrigerated kraut in the bag I decided to check it out.

The signs were really crappy, I saw Alta and Multi Family but I had to pull over to read the rest. No address, just Rigby Road off North Alta. My GPS came to the rescue and I determined I had finally arrived, way out in the sticks, by the small balloons hanging off the side of a Voorhee’s trash container.

The sale turned out to be as lame as the directions, but I did encounter some scenery I had never seen before. Alta North runs parallel to Stateline, just further towards the Tetons, and it was quite pretty out there.

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Mortgage Lifter

The Driggs Farmers Market is winding down, one more Friday left next week. Whenever I can give our local organic farmers my business over Broulims imported produce, I do with pleasure. Today I picked up some fresh spinach (we make our salads with it now, over lettuce), some green onion things (she called them something else) and a greenhouse tomato.

When I stopped at the liquor store across the street, Larry had a box by the door full of excess tomatoes from his greenhouse, that he was giving away. I snagged the biggest one and he told me it’s called a Mortgage Lifter because of the size and saleability. It’s the one on the left. I’ll slice them both up this weekend and determine which one I like.

While on the subject of organic, Steph wants to rake up leaves again, before the snow.

I present this:

Earth, among other things, is fantastic at recycling. Whether through the water cycle, or the slow process of decomposing plants and trees back in to rich soil, the Earth wastes very little.

When leaves fall to the ground, they begin to break down and eventually create a rich humus on the forest floor that absorbs dew and rainfall. This nutrient rich ‘sponge’ acts as a continual source of nutrients and water for trees and plants, helping to promote life and plant health in the next spring season.

It is not difficult to conclude that while the falling of the leaves protects the trees through winter, it’s likely that trees would not survive as well without the rich layer of dead leaves through the warm spring and summer months. In this way, trees natural cycle provides health and sustainability for itself year after year.

Saturday update: I just sampled both tomatoes and the market tomato won. Larry’s was delicious, but the market tomato was amazing! The lady that sold it to me said it was grown down by Swan Valley with Miracle Grow, so it wasn’t organic. Who cares!

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Hay Yellow

I was driving in East Tetonia hay country again, picking up Stateline Lady, and I was struck by the vibrant color of the hay. This should be a named color if it’s not already.

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Hot Tub Poser

Piper likes hanging out on the hot tub cover. It gives her an elevated view over her domain where she can flow between sleepy and laid back, to alert and watchful. These shots were taken within about thirty seconds… (click the photo to view them)

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Big Tank

One very big local business decided to change propane providers today and have their big tank removed. This is what an 18,000-gallon propane tank looks like!

Our tank out back is only 500 gallons, maybe we should get this one…

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Cemetery Hill

I took my break today amongst a bunch of dead folks, mostly named Kunz. It was quiet and amazingly clear across the valley. A perfect day! Click the tombstone for more…

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