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Teton Grid

…tiles by MapBox
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Billie Graham died today. I met him once in Reno, NV around 1965. I was a punk kid working as a bellman at the Holiday Inn and the place was buzzing one night about some special guests that wanted to remain anonymous. I got picked to serve them dinner so I delivered four meals to Mr Graham and his wife, both in their pajamas, and the other two were going to the adjoining room where their daughters (I believe) were hanging out.

I was pretty star-struck and I was babbling on about some relative of mine that worked with Billie once and he was gracious and extended his hand, which I shook. I kept on babbling and he extended his hand again, which I shook again.

At that point he smiled and said “Could I have my check please?” The poor guy just wanted to eat his dinner…

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It’s time to release my new app: NeXht. This project represents the best of all my past works that floated away into the internet ether when BlueHost let me down. It has become my coding statement to the world, and more than likely, my last.

It’s a powerful PermaLink generator and I will use it frequently from now on to direct blog visitors directly to places that interest me. If you wish to take it for a spin, start with the question mark button in the lower right for an interactive tutorial.

Click the cool image below for the NeXht Manifest:

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…tiles by MapBox
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My Neck

… of the woods.

Here’s a view of Teton Valley.

…tiles by MapBox
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Devils Tower

Captured this shot from my new map app, with a bit of pitch and bearing adjustment, and ran it through a paint algorithm. The devil made me do it…

Here’s a softer look:

…tiles by MapBox
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Stewper Bowl

Nothing like a pot of stew for the Stupid Bowl…

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I eat one orange, one avocado and one banana every morning. I’ve been doing this seven days a week for the last few years and as such I consider myself pretty experienced with these three fruits.

Bananas you can’t go wrong with, I like them with streaks of green. Avocados are all about color and feel, and it’s almost a religious ritual as I peruse the fruit section, looking for the right color and confirming my selection with a slight squeeze. Oranges on the other hand are my nemesis.

Sometimes the palest little guy has just the right feel, separates easily from a thin peel and tastes great. Sometimes they look terrific with a bright orange color but then you cut into them and they look like a pathetic piece of genetically engineered crap…

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