I was driving along Ski Hill Road this morning, when I felt something hit my arm. I looked over at my door and saw something laying in the little indent.

When I stopped, I saw a beautiful dragonfly starting to stir from being knocked out.
As soon as I post this video I’ll make sure she’s out of there…

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• Update: I’d left the door open, and she was gone when I returned :-)

Here’s some more raw footage I shot, prior to the above video:

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Water System

Finally figured out what that contraption was at the base. There’s major construction going on around town and lots of watering trucks are running around trying to keep the dust down. The problem was, the water source here couldn’t keep up with the trucks.

This thing is a water tank that’s transported like a tanker, but it’s got a built in lift system that raises it up high enough to fill the water trucks. Attach a little pump at the bottom to keep the tank full, and it’s pretty trick!

This is a short video that shows the process.

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Piper is not a lap cat. She will stretch out on the floor for a good back rub, but just doesn’t want to cuddle, on my lap anyway.

This afternoon she slid up on the couch for some Steph rub. Must be a female thing :-)

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Stop Light

Teton Valley has one stoplight between three towns, and it’s been turned off since early summer, for road construction. A really great thing for tourists to remember about driving through the valley, and driving is the operative word here, who would stop?

At least we had a four way intersection. Now we’re down to three.

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Rock n Roll

The finished puzzle:

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Dining Room

It’s a good thing we don’t have much company! This is a hunker down Saturday and Steph’s using the dining room as a laundry/puzzle room.

And, I’m sure that laundry and puzzle are not used in the same sentence very often…

Later on, into the evening…

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The Basket

I asked Steph to do one of her Baskets for my local appreciative therapist friend who keeps giving me vodka, so she whipped this one up. Pretty sweet, she’s great at this!

There’s only one problem. The recipient of this basket follows my blog… Oh well :-)

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New Things

It’s time to move on from Seattle and get on with life in the valley. This contraption appeared at my base when I returned, hooked up to the city’s well.

And seeds were forming in the trees at Victor City Park, reproducing before the dormant, frigid winter.

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Seattle Leftovers

Here’s some content that never quite made it on the blog, but deserves recognition:

Kent, WA has a Lesbian bar. Been there a few times, always had fun!
This is the Shopper Shuttle bus in Kent. Drove it, managed it…

Jess and Riley’s Chihuahua, Bentley. One of two dogs in the household.
Riley came home Friday exhausted after a hard day at the auto body shop.

One of a bunch of fish that were giveaways at the wedding.
The hot house (currently unused) in Riley’s backyard.

The Ride The Ducks staging area in Seattle.
The water thing down on the Alaskan Way pier in Seattle.

People crossing the 4 way walk at Pike Place Market.
The crowd at Marina Park in Kirkland, before the wedding.

Starting the wedding setup in the big gazebo.
Kjirsten the wedding photographer taking pictures of fish.

The Green River killer used to dump his victims here. Now it’s just pretty.
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Wedding Presents

I’ll tell ya, the kids have no privacy whatsoever. I’m right there with camera as they open their wedding presents, the morning after. Early on, Jess’s dad Ray arrives…

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Return Ride

Steph and I were coming across the dry farms last night, heading into the valley. I got a break from the driving in Idaho Falls, and I was playing around with my camera.

I discovered that photos taken at 65mph in Sport Mode (fast shutter speed), look great!

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The Wedding

Here are the photo’s from Riley and Jessica’s wedding. I took a lot of shots and pared them down to these, back in Seattle. When I wasn’t shooting photo’s I was shooting video, but I couldn’t do both.

So if there are scenes missing (like The Wedding Vows :-), they are on video.

It was a beautiful day on the Kirkland waterfront, with a lot of people there. As the evening progressed, crowds were gathering around the reception, enjoying the music.

And the “glitch” (every wedding has to have one, right?) was when the speedboat came up to the dock behind the ceremony, very loudly, right in the middle of the vows. Actually, pretty funny :-)

So here they are. I suggest the SlideShow.

SlideShow (The Wedding)


Update: The vows were somewhat obscured by the noise, so I’ve posted them Here.
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Seattle Magic

No pictures to add here, though lot’s to come. Just wanted to say to friends and family that our ’87 Mazda 626 (Lucy), with 252K miles on her, has just taken Steph and I to Seattle, and brought us back home.

We had great quality time with the people we love, and have missed immensely. We also witnessed our Riley marry a beautiful girl, and into a terrific family.

The wedding on the Kirkland shoreline, on the prettiest night of the year, was magical.

Stay tuned for great pictures and videos!

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Sumner, WA

Riley and Jessica Bangert, and their respective fathers, Jim and Ray, went to breakfast today in Sumner, WA at a place called the Buttered Biscuit. Great down home place with huge servings. Stuffed ourselves and had a great time…

As we were leaving, we spotted an old muscle car show and a fire starting up in the neighborhood. Who could resist? So we checked it out:

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Chicken Adobo 1

A combination of chicken, soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, ginger and peppercorns makes up the Philippine national dish, and I’ve been craving it. There’s a little shop serving it up at Pike Place Market, that I’ve been going to for years, and it’s still there.

Steph and I had Riley’s wedding to attend later in the evening so we headed to the Market first to have some Chicken Adobo.

The rest of the afternoon was anticlimactic, but still had a lot of fun on perhaps the most beautiful day Seattle has enjoyed this summer. (So the locals say…)

Lot’s of good sights were to be had at the Market:

And of course Steph had to rescue a car trying to back out into pedestrians. :-)

Turned out to be a great little adventure before the big night!

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