Seattle Leftovers

Here’s some content that never quite made it on the blog, but deserves recognition:

Kent, WA has a Lesbian bar. Been there a few times, always had fun!
This is the Shopper Shuttle bus in Kent. Drove it, managed it…

Jess and Riley’s Chihuahua, Bentley. One of two dogs in the household.
Riley came home Friday exhausted after a hard day at the auto body shop.

One of a bunch of fish that were giveaways at the wedding.
The hot house (currently unused) in Riley’s backyard.

The Ride The Ducks staging area in Seattle.
The water thing down on the Alaskan Way pier in Seattle.

People crossing the 4 way walk at Pike Place Market.
The crowd at Marina Park in Kirkland, before the wedding.

Starting the wedding setup in the big gazebo.
Kjirsten the wedding photographer taking pictures of fish.

The Green River killer used to dump his victims here. Now it’s just pretty.
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