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Teton Post

I drove Steph down to Idaho Falls today for a doctor’s appointment. It was in an area off Sunnyside comprised of nothing but medical facilities and I was just driving around killing time when I came upon this place. Nothing will stop you in your tracks quicker than a business with your email address for a name!

What were they thinking? Teton Post! What does that mean? I know what I was thinking more than ten years ago when I snagged tetonpost at I had a website by that name that I was trying to peddle some local valley advertising with. That didn’t work out, but it’s been my primary email address ever since.

Wait, I just got it: Teton Post Acute Care & Rehabilitation. This is too funny! ( link )

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Media Fun

Here are a couple of media projects I’m working on. This video was shot on a trip down to Lava Hot Springs between Freedom and Soda Springs. I probably shouldn’t post this as I was doing over a hundred, but what the hell…

Here’s the audio I stripped out of the short video I shot at the Bar J Chuckwagon last night. I present it here solely for your private enjoyment while fully understanding this content belongs to them. Hopefully, it will encourage you to go there yourself.

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Bar J Dinner

Brians dad was in town recently and they had such a good time at the Bar J Chuckwagon in Jackson Hole he gave Steph and I some cash to go have dinner on him. A very nice gesture and we went last night. Brian joined us and we had a great time.

I was amazed quite frankly that they were able to feed so many people so efficiently. The food was good and the entertainment unique. Click the horses ass to see some shots.

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Targhee Hill

Folks around here sure like to deface stop signs. I spotted another one today up at the lookout on Targhee Hill. I also got a couple of nice shots from there, along with some weed portraits. Click on the sign below to see them…

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One Drop

Alexa was playing Steely Dan’s Jack Of Speed for me tonight when a lyric came across my ears about “that right-wing hooey sure stunk up the joint“. All of a sudden I felt politicized. My favorite band of all time are liberal wackos! It may never be the same now… How come I never heard that line clearly before?

I’m down to the last chapter of Jack Kerouac’s On The Road. I never read books anymore and for me to pick up the book that prompted me to spend several years hitching around the country as a teenager, and read it to the conclusion, makes me question my reality.

My right hip is going south, totally out of my control. When I sit for even the shortest time, I limp when I arise. I sadly suspect that there will come a time when I ride the bus, as opposed to driving it.

On that note, I vow to rock on. I treasure every second of my life and it will have to be dragged from my keyboard one drop at a time…

View from my driveway this morning ↑

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The were cuttin grain in the dry farms today while I was cuttin out of town to the Green Canyon hot springs. I was sure they were closed when I pulled up, no campers and no swimmers anywhere. Turns out this is their down season, kids are going back to school and camping is over. I had the place to myself…

On the way back I grabbed a couple shots of the canyon and a video:

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Watering Wasps

We had a yellow-jacket nest in full development happening under our deck. I think I killed it. I put on boots, ski pants, and a rain jacket then tightened up the openings with bungee cords, followed by a plastic bag over my head with goggles. I then sprayed the cracks with a high concentration of gasoline, mixed with hose water.

I was reading some redneck site that talked about lighting up this mixture, but I thought naught. It seems to be working, the worker wasps are returning and they’re not happy, bouncing into the sliding door and such.

Steph got stung by one of these little bastards yesterday and I felt it was her man’s obligation to step up, and take them out. I may not mow the lawn or cook every day, but I do have value…

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Cooking For Two

Steph and I have a deal, she cooks, I do the dishes. Last night she fried up some free-range chicken, made some scratch mashed potatoes and gravy, along with some corn. There are sauce pans and a variety of other dishes and utensils under this pile as I re-discovered while putting them away this morning.

I do the dishes because I’m better at it than Steph, and I have no patience for cooking, so it works out well. Sometimes I wonder though if you give a cook the option to use every dish in the house without repercussions, will she do it?

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Smoke Fading

Finally, the smoke is fading from the Valley. It was particularly bad this year, considering that the fires are not in our vicinity and it’s been really depressing. The weather has been beautiful, you just couldn’t see it!

Steph was out mowing the lawn this evening so I did my part, walk around and take photos of the yard. Click the photo below to see them…

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Weird Alta

I mosied up through weird Alta, WY this morning…

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I’ve picked up a great little handgrip for my camera called the Barska. This thing is amazing! The new Sony is small, powerful and smooth which made me nervous about it slipping from my hand. This thing completely eliminates that risk and offers a tremendous amount of stability to my photos and videos.

Also notice the finger grip to the left of the lens. That’s a stick-on device that I bought to supplement the handling. It didn’t come with the camera and is sort of an afterthought by Sony. And, the square thing at the bottom slides right into my tripod.

Here’s a little test video I shot inside the kitchen using the Barska:

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Loves The Daddy

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Deck Umbrella

Our deck umbrella has been my good friend this summer. I’ve spent a lot of time out there listening to conservative talk radio and rocking out to Seattle radio on my Echo. I store all of my toys under the umbrella where I escape to when my carefully crafted sun tan says break! Now I can photograph it in all it’s glory with my new camera.

Not to be outdone, here’s a knob on my barbeque grill:

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Piper Portrait

Ah, she does love to pose. ? Click the photo for a painted version.

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South Bates

While exploring the capabilities of my new camera I was struck by the detail of this shot from the Family Room. It motivated me to jump in the truck this morning and drive down South Bates Road looking for photo ops.

I’m still learning and tweaking and you can see the other shots by clicking below.

The video quality of this little camera is also pretty impressive:

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