South Bates

While exploring the capabilities of my new camera I was struck by the detail of this shot from the Family Room. It motivated me to jump in the truck this morning and drive down South Bates Road looking for photo ops.

I’m still learning and tweaking and you can see the other shots by clicking below.

The video quality of this little camera is also pretty impressive:

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  1. Just catching up with your posts. Yes, I still keep in touch with the boys. The group are in the British Isles and Sweden. They’ll be back home by September. Working with the Tubes was like being with family and we all keep in touch. Mike, besides doing the stage sets for other groups, he’s working on the stage production of a Broadway show called “Pearl” about the author Pearl S. Buck. Kenny Ortega is going to direct a new version of the “Dirty Dancing” movie. You know he was the original choreographer for the first “Dirty Dancing.” – Guess you’re not going to make it to California this summer. Grant is getting ready to go to Tahiti, to “One Particular Harbor.” I get to stay home and pay the bills, feed the cat and water the house plants. HARUMPH!

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