Back To Laughlin

I was using the various internet connections available to me around the Valley as I performed my route today, to figure out a landing spot for Spring Break in southern Arizona. It became evident quickly that hotels were filling up and maxing out rapidly and by the time I hit the Victor Library connection, I was ready to book!

I had one minute left to start the school pickups when I clicked submit. I booked a four-night stay at the Pioneer Hotel in Laughlin Nevada for $138.94. This starts on a Saturday and runs through Tuesday for $33.75 a night, and you can’t beat that!

I’ve stayed there before but this time I’m expanding my day trips outward to new explorations. Stay tuned during that time (end of March) and enjoy my adventures.

Icey Thoughts

Steph was concerned about this chunk of solid ice protuding from our roof this evening. She was worried that it might fall off and bury Piper on the deck. No chance of that, it was solid ice, and Steph couldn’t knock it down.

Enter, The Man (who lives in a warm cave surrounded by state of the art tech toys, writing esoteric mapping code) to the rescue! I knocked it down with a few mighty swipes of my mouse exercised incredible arms.

Have you ever seen a Magpie or a Raven who one minute was eating roadkill and the next minute he is roadkill because he wasn’t quick enough. I wonder if the young Magpie approaching the scene goes “Hey, that used to be my uncle, Oh well, now he’s my lunch”.

I’ve been thinking lately that I’m nobody’s bitch and nobody is my bitch. Unlike Supergirl, who is her bitch bosses bitch, to the bitchin max.

Sorry, just rambling…