My Life

I’ve managed to compress my stuff down to a few boxes. Add in a couple of desks, a computer, a tv and a mattress, and you have my life in a nut sack.

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The Boss

Piper is my cat, my friend, and my boss. How I keep her healthy and happy thru the next two weeks will dictate whether or not I’m ultimately fired from the evil and liberal Pet Owners Association.

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Recall the phrase: fading into oblivion? I realize that I’m on the verge of doing so, in a cool and structured manner. I’m still not sure of the specific location of the landing after the raft sets sail, but east is on my horizon. Way east… But it will be the land of oblivion and my family count will sadly be significantly reduced. All I can do is rock on.

July 30, 2018, Colorado Belle, Laughlin, NV. A week after my 72nd birthday…

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I took a nostalgic walk around the property today. It’s a perfect warm day here and the sky is clearing up a bit, and I’ll miss this place.

Had a chat with my old friends the trees, actually hugged one, and wished them well.

The heart shaped rock thing has represented a love for this land I’ve had, and Steph even more, since we created it together more than a decade ago.

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I ran across this strange thing spewing water out it’s ass into the pool during my recent travels. It reminds me of my brain right now, deformed and leaking fluids…

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Screen Bug

This is why god made screen doors…

The nice thing is, he stayed there for quite a while. I don’t take life and it’s rubbed off on Steph…

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Heceta Beach

Took this shot a few years back on Heceta Beach. I thought about Oregon as a destination but it rains too much and the beaches are usually foggy.

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About Me

I came across this great advice blurb regarding moving into retirement today:

While an ever-improving lifestyle offers a pleasant sense of progress, a falling standard of living can be downright depressing.

Unfortunately, I can’t reasonably expect to move up, considering that I’m leaving a 3 bed, 2 bath log home on an acre of land with about 50 trees.

Anyway, I came up with a cut & paste I can use during email conversations with folks who have a place to rent and want to know who I am:

About me: Born and raised in California (4th generation), graduated Merritt College in Oakland with a Data Processing degree in 1971 and was a successful computer consultant in the Bay Area up through the 80’s. Moved to Seattle in the 90’s to raise my son and launched a second career in transportation as a King County Metro supervisor and then on to SE Idaho where I’ve lived the last 13 years.

Rented a log home in Teton Valley and ended up driving the local bus: kids, seniors and disabled. Finally had enough of brutal winters at the base of the Grand Tetons and I’m now officially retired and looking to live someplace warmer. I have solid letters of credit from businesses I have dealt with here including rental, phone, electricity and others.

I’m a standup guy with integrity. I have no legal issues whatsoever and I’ve passed many background checks including a major FBI fingerprint check for my bus driving job. I’m trim, fit, and the healthiest person I know. I take no drugs, not even aspirin, and I don’t do doctors.

That’s about it, plus I have an old fat cat that I adore. She’s very much a part of the package.

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Our deadlines rapidly approach. The landlady want’s us out of the house by August 28 which gives me three days to wander around the West Coast with all of my possessions, and my cat, jammed into my truck until I can move into my new place, which I haven’t found yet.

This is after I drive a U-Haul truck to Tennessee with all of Steph’s stuff, and then take the Greyhound back through the heartland of America. Yea, let that one sink in…

I have only two constants left in my life now: My words on this computer, and the feel of my beard on the soft underbelly of my sweet cat Piper.

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Tin Cup 11

Well, Steph and I made our 11th annual Tin Cup appearance this morning in Driggs park. Every non-profit in the valley had their cup out and we did what we do every time we go, eat the free breakfast. This will probably be our last event here.

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