Absolutely. Who needs a desk anyway…

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Blue Eyes

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Writing code, developing apps, exploring new constructs, has been the underlying passion of my life. In the seventies and eighties I made a pretty good living from it. I slowed down in the nineties, came roaring back in the 21st century and for the last 15 years HTML, JavaScript, CSS and PHP have been my passion. I would do my day job then come home and write code.

Everything has now changed. I’ve been pretty busy just trying to salvage life after Idaho but now having accomplished that I realize I’m having a Vincent epiphany. I finally faced the reality that nobody really appreciated or used the stuff I created. So, instead of cutting off my ear, I just stopped.

It’s the weirdest damned thing, I have all the time in the world now to write code, and I have no interest whatsoever to do so. I now find myself putting my creative energy into mastering new technology and using it to enhance my day to day life. My new pad has become my man-cave. If you’re in the neighborhood, drop on by, I’ll show you!

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Fancy Graves

I picked a good place to come to die. They do it up right around here, engravings on the stones, fancy things in front, tons of flowers! I’ve often said I don’t want to get burned, but I have no family here that would spring for something like this, so I’ll just settle for a rock over my buried naked body in the paupers field that has BusDriverJim written on it with a black marker pen. Consider this my official burial request.

Live stupidly, die old, and have a good looking corpse…

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DNA Update

I just got an email from Ancestry saying that they had improved the accuracy of their stuff. I checked it out, compared it to their previous results, and mind, blown!

That new center point is just a few miles from where I live now. OMFG.

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Outer Limits

I mosied out to the ol fishin hole today and I noticed the very outer limits of hurricane Florence. I knew from the cute weather girl on TV that we were right on the edge.

Looking west, nada…

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Other Side

I walked the trail on the other side of Pipers Yard today. Totally had it to myself, weird considering it’s a beautiful Saturday here in the deep south.

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If anyone wondered what Steph’s reasons for leaving Idaho were, well, here you go:

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Walking Area

I’d heard about a walking area nearby, but I never dragged the map to the right from the new place. Yesterday my GPS was leading me to the groomers place and I went up and over on the road just north, and there it was. Walking it soon.

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Birthday Bath

Piper got a Happy Birthday email this morning from her Vet in Idaho, so I took her to the local pet place for a much needed bath. Tina the groomer was lovely, called me sweetheart, and Piper is now very clean, the clumps on her butt are gone, and her nails are trimmed.

She’s also flea free, which was the main reason for the visit. Piper’s never had to deal with fleas before, being a Rocky Mountain girl, but she got jumped on here. I also picked up some expensive stuff that I put on the back of her neck to keep them away.

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My friend Dave and my niece Catherine have a new baby, Naomi. Dave left a comment here and couldn’t figure out how to post a picture of her along with the comment, and quite frankly, I don’t know how either. So, I hacked his phone and here it is:

My great-niece. Beautiful!

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The clouds seem further away from the ground here. I guess that makes sense as I’m used to being at over 6500 feet and it’s only about 800 feet in this neck of the woods.

And all of the women talk just like Abby Couch…

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Local Flavor

I love fruit, especially bananas and strawberries, and I like to dip them in good tasting healthy stuff. This weeks treat is local grown honey and sweet potato butter from the cool Amish folks who ride their horse-drawn wagons around town.

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One of the trees in my backyard deposited this on the lawn. I don’t know what kind of nuts these are but I’m really sure I don’t want to eat them…

btw: that’s a drink coaster underneath.

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Little Falls

This is just a nice little lake with an overflow.

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