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Our cat

Sweet Cat

Yesterday, we had a mature female cat sitting at our sliding glass door, waiting to come in. I thought she was a neighbors cat so I tried to chase her off since we have nesting Robins in our trees.

No luck, she went under our deck. Our local animal shelter is down due to lack of funds so it looks like she was just dropped off into our neighborhood.

I’m a closet cat guy. There, I’ve admitted it. I’m out…

The cat has now crawled out from under the deck, into my lap here at my computer. What to do? I’m into sweet code, not sweet cats…

Update: The cat has found a space in the family room. On top of the couch. Sigh…

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Fat Cat

Well, it looks like the Sweet Cat is home. I put a sign out at the subdivision entrance asking if anybody had lost a cat. No calls…

I’m actually growing fond of her, even if she does nothing but eat and sleep. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a cat, but this one is really lazy, and a little crazy. I let her outside for a minute and all she did was plop under a tree while the Robin’s screeched.

I came up with a name for her, Bandy, you know, like abandoned… Problem is, I keep calling her Widget.

Also, can anybody tell me how much food to give this cat? She’s eating dry food and seems happy with it. Lots of it!

And I’m not sure if she’s pregnant or fixed. Steph set up an appointment with the local vet to check her out, but we postponed it pending results from the sign.

Update: Taking the sign down…

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The Sign Worked

Steph was going to take the Lost Cat Sign down as she went to work this morning. At 7:15am I got a call. A girl said “I think you have my sisters cat.” Yep, the cats family has been located. The sign worked.

Turns out Kelly lives right down the road from us and she was watching Piper, aka Striper for her sister, and the cat took off. Kelly’s fiance saw the sign and called her saying “Piper’s alive!”.

The young lady just left with the cat, along with food supplies we had bought up. She told us that her sister rescued the cat when it was a week old and bottle fed her. The family was distraught over losing her, so it feels good to get her back home.

And I’m not going to cop to missing her already, nope…

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Piper Gate

Guess who’s back, and laying at my feet. This cat story is getting stranger by the hour.

I can’t say I’m sorry she’s back, I did miss her. But, Steph and I had made a conscious decision to be non pet owners here. We have kids, we have grandkids, we’ve contributed to society! Yet we also return to an empty house when the other is not there. The Cat offered another dimension to our quiet, private little space.

Anyway, here’s the story: Megan, the girl that actually owns the cat, called me today and we chatted about Piper. Megan is from North Carolina (that’s what her cell phone says) and she’s living up the road in Tetonia in a place that doesn’t allow pets. Piper was staying at her sisters house in my neighborhood until August, at which point Megan was moving here to Driggs, and reclaiming the cat.

Megan then told me that Piper had run away again, and she might be heading my way. She also said that food was the driving force for her cat. Ya think? All Piper did while she was here was Eat and Sleep! (with a lot of relieving along the way…)

Sure enough, Piper was at the door when I came home on a break, and I let her in. We embraced, and she licked my hand with her sandpaper tongue. Then she started looking for food. Problem is, we gave all the food we had to Megan’s sister, who came and got her the other day. (Update: Steph just went to town for cat food…)

Megan asked me if we would like to share cat-sitting services with her sister, who lives up the road, and can’t seem to contain the cat, since we are so fond of her. Ahhh, you have to admire the boldness of this younger generation…

I kinda told her no, but if an emergency ever occurred, we’re here.

Anyway, she was supposed to be here to get Piper at 1530 and it’s now 1900.


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Lazy Sunday

I think the Temporary Cat is pretty comfortable here.

It is a nice quiet Sunday…

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The Permanent Cat

Looking back on the temporary cat’s first appearance at the sliding glass door, I realize she was presenting herself to us. She sat up proud and straight, like an Egyptian princess.

What did I do? Chase her off the deck because baby Robins were on the ground. I still feel bad…

But she didn’t go, she got to the end of the deck and stopped. It was like “I just gave myself to you, and I’m not leaving” and she ran back past me and dove down under the deck. It took me a day to get her out. The rain soaking her between the boards finally convinced her. As she came in the house, she surrendered herself to me on her back, so I could dry her off with paper towels.

I’ve always thought it was the humans role to pick a pet, but I sure was wrong. Everything has conspired towards this cat being in our lives. She chose us, and her owner Megan just gave her to us today.

Welcome Piper!

  The Temporary Cat Chronicles:

  • Sweet Cat (6/18/11)
  • Fat Cat (6/26/11)
  • The Sign Worked (6/27/11)
  • Piper Gate (6/28/11)

Note: She’s also proved to be a great hunter. We found a very dead vole in the yard recently, and Steph saw her kill a mouse yesterday. Piper suffered a puncture wound from the vole, but has healed nicely, thank you…

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Piper, The Video

Piper is a terrific, sweet cat! She hangs out with dignity, doesn’t walk around crying, like some cat’s I’ve known, and loves to be petted.

She also has reflexes like a cat :-) and can kill rodents. So here’s a video of our new baby:

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Piper is not a lap cat. She will stretch out on the floor for a good back rub, but just doesn’t want to cuddle, on my lap anyway.

This afternoon she slid up on the couch for some Steph rub. Must be a female thing :-)

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The Hunter Cat

Piper has a great sense of smell. She uses her nose everywhere, especially outside.

I love this hunting cat! Here she is checking out the entrance to the underside of our porch, a known hangout for our winter rodents.

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Piper Photo Shoot

The permanent cat was lounging around in the grass today, so I grabbed my camera and said “Give me some shots for the blog, Piper!“.

She must be a model reincarnated, as she rolled over and started making cat eyes.

SlideShow (Piper Photo Shoot)
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Litter Box

This is really too funny. We have a planter thing in the back that we attempted to grow some vegetables in, a couple of years ago. Small grasshoppers came thru the mesh and ate everything, so we don’t use it now.

The other day we realized that Piper is using it as her outdoor litter box! She prefers it to her indoor one. In fact, she bugs me every morning to let her outside, to use the big box.

I don’t let her out until it gets light now, because she was jumped by something in the dark a while back. I suspect it was a coyote. She’s alright, but it shook her up pretty bad.

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Blue Snooze

Piper came into my office last night to watch the premiere of Blue Bloods.

Just not a Tom Selleck fan I guess…

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Piper is waiting patiently for her next rodent victim to appear.
Spotted! She begins to stealthily approach her prey.
Ooops… Looks like a quick potty break is needed in the big litter box.
Now the lioness is ready to hunt!
If she doesn’t fall asleep first…
I guess the hunt is over. She’s coming back home to eat.
But wait! Nourished and rested, she’s back at it, with a mole in scent.
Now she’s on it, if that mole dares to take her on, he’s toast.
I love having a hunting cat around, the moles ruin our ground.

Update: Steph said the most recent kill had a pointy nose, so all references to voles have been changed to moles. I guess we have both around here…

SlideShow (Stalker)
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Our baby: Queen of the house, guardian of the yard, and don’t you dare mess with her…

Piper was an abandoned kitten, rescued at one week old by a girl named Megan. She was bottle fed, fixed and tagged, and grew to be a great cat.

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Piper Deck

Our little princess Piper, lounging around on our deck.
Isn’t she a sweetheart!
A real laid back kitty cat…
I think she’s about ready to crash.
Hmmm, maybe not.
Uh-oh, I know this look. My hand is in trouble.
Fangs and claws. She loves me, really. Owwww…
Yea, the deck is shot. Four feet of snow for six months out of the year takes it’s toll.

Next spring, new deck!

SlideShow (Piper Deck)

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