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My Neck

… of the woods.

Here’s a view of Teton Valley.

…tiles by MapBox
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It’s time to release my new app: NeXht. This project represents the best of all my past works that floated away into the internet ether when BlueHost let me down. It has become my coding statement to the world, and more than likely, my last.

It’s a powerful PermaLink generator and I will use it frequently from now on to direct blog visitors directly to places that interest me. If you wish to take it for a spin, start with the question mark button in the lower right for an interactive tutorial.

Click the cool image below for the NeXht Manifest:

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Static API

I’ve added an image generator for NeXht. It uses the MapBox Static API to create map background wallpapers for your mobile device, or whatever.

Create your map image on the lower map, press the [S] button, select [Static API], chose your size and click [View Image]. Then, just save the image and use it.

Click the picture below to go there…

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Upheaval Dome

A meteor crater in Canyonlands National Park. Click the crater to see the PermaLink…

…tiles by MapBox

Here it is painted:

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Surprise Lake

NeXht destination: Surprise Lake, Mount Aniakchak, Alaska

…tiles by MapBox

It’s a lake inside an active volcano. (Click ↑ ↓ to go there :-)

And of course, it’s a painting:

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Twitter NeXht

I post a lot of my new NeXht permalink creations up on Twitter. I have a Twitter Creator account which allows me to store clickable images for each Tweet (very cool if you use Twitter at all) and I’ve built an image capture feature right into NeXht which generates perfect images for it, using the MapBox Static API.

My Blog readers don’t get see most of these, so here you go:

…tiles by MapBox
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More NeXht

My latest NeXht permalinks posted to Twitter:

…tiles by MapBox
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My Cloud

Here’s a sweet little program I’ve been working on this weekend. It selects U.S. cities that are compatible with the numerology of your day of birth. Say you were born on the 23rd of the month (like me) then your number would be 5 (2+3).

Every city in the country has a similar single digit number derived from:


So, Reno would be 9+5+5+6, then summed to 24, then finally 6. Reno would then appear randomly in the cloud if your number was six.

In the example below I selected my number 5 and Arizona because that’s where I’m moving to. Twenty different cities with a 5 number are presented in the cloud randomly, at different intensities. Each time you click the Submit button, twenty more are generated.

When you feel like the cosmos are aligned, click a city name and it will show the city on a map, from where you can create a NeXht permalink with the [C] button.

Ready? Sure you are, click the image below and go play…

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