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Here’s a sweet little program I’ve been working on this weekend. It selects U.S. cities that are compatible with the numerology of your day of birth. Say you were born on the 23rd of the month (like me) then your number would be 5 (2+3).

Every city in the country has a similar single digit number derived from:


So, Reno would be 9+5+5+6, then summed to 24, then finally 6. Reno would then appear randomly in the cloud if your number was six.

In the example below I selected my number 5 and Arizona because that’s where I’m moving to. Twenty different cities with a 5 number are presented in the cloud randomly, at different intensities. Each time you click the Submit button, twenty more are generated.

When you feel like the cosmos are aligned, click a city name and it will show the city on a map, from where you can create a NeXht permalink with the [C] button.

Ready? Sure you are, click the image below and go play…

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