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Wild Flowers

Here’s some wild flowers that I photographed, and beautified, today.

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Purple Weeds

I don’t know what it is about this area, but purple weeds like to hang out here.

SlideShow (Purple Weeds)

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Bates Road Eagle

I’ve been watching the eagles on Bates Road for a couple of weeks now. They’re pretty territorial with their power line perches, about one eagle for every eight poles.

Hwy 33 construction between Driggs and Victor is now done, and I knew this would be my last Bates detour. So, I pulled over and visited with this big boy.

I’m sure he didn’t leave on my account, he just wanted to show off, to you!

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Big Leaf

No comment required…

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Fall Colors

The foothills come alive this time of year. You can easily see the shades of Halloween, bursting from the beauty of nature.

In a moon phase heartbeat, the color will fade to white.

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Snow Demon

I was relaxing in front of my computer this evening, on a very cold and clear night in the high-country, (it was -1 this morning), wondering what to blog about.

Then, I clicked on our current weather radar map, and saw this thing. We’re the dot…

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What Is It?

There’s an interesting type of animal living here in the valley. We first spotted one running across Stateline Rd, on the way to my sisters house last Mothers Day.

I encountered another one today where we park our buses. He scampered across the yard and crawled into a pipe (third from right, on the bottom). I zoomed in…

Update: Went back to the base after this post and there he was, posing…

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NOAA Outlook

Headline: Elusive El Niño challenges NOAA’s 2012 U.S. Winter Outlook!

Bottom line: Less snow for the resort, less water for the farmers, less stress for BDJ :-)

SlideShow (NOAA Outlook)

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Young Moose

I spotted an animal out of the corner of my eye while driving today, and I suspected moose. Sure enough, upon closer inspection it turn out to be a young moose. It didn’t mind my presence at all while munching out on something.

SlideShow (Young Moose)

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I’ve encountered some incredible Flickr images during the development of Suhck and when a theme jumps out, I capture the images. Breaking off from my position of nothing but original photos taken by me, I give you four moms and their kids…

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