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New Buffalo

A new buffalo statue suddenly appeared in front of the GeoTourism center today!

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Flower Child

Well, it’s been a fun month off but my employer is going to drag me kicking and screaming back to work next week. It’s probably a good thing, the sun was taking a toll on my skin and I’m starting to have flashbacks.

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Birthday 2017

I celebrated my 71st birthday in Washington yesterday by staying with my boy Riley and wife Jessica at their Auburn home, and then headed to Seattle with Riley.

Starting out at Kent Station we rode the Sounder Train into town which normally doesn’t run on Sunday but it was a one shot Mariners special full of baseball heads. Then we caught a Metro bus over to the Seattle Center for the Bite Of Seattle. After that we took the Monorail to Pike Place Market and then back home on the 150. I had a great time with my boy!

It was 1630 and I realized I could jump start my return by hitting the road and ended up at a sweet rest area just West of Spokane. This morning I grabbed Andrea in Missoula and we are now back. To see some photos in the above described sequence, click the photo below.

Here’s some getting around video:

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Korda Lane

I’ve been driving all day and just can’t seem to get out of Idaho. I’m on the way to see my boy and his wife but got snagged for an over-niter in the border town called Korda Lane. Pretty hopping little pretentious place and the sloppy pig was pretty good. There are a few photos to show, click the one below…

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I’ve added a new tool to the TetonPath lineup, called TPSay. It’s a WordPress blog devoted to my ramblings about the upcoming Eclipse. Check it out!

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Beach Eclipse

This is what it’s going to look like when the Eclipse hits the Oregon Coast just north of Fishing Rock.

Here’s the original.

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Parade 2017

Steph and I did the Victor Independence Day parade today. I was determined not to stand on the front line and photograph every entry in the parade like I do every year, and I succeeded. I just laid back with the camera zoomed out so I could shoot beyond the candy heads rushing into the streets, and grabbed a few shots. I also took pleasure in knowing that I transported at least a third of the gymnastics girls from school to the gym last year and they did this old bus driver proud.

Click the photo below to see what I got…

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I finished up the latest tool in the TetonPath utility collection today. It’s a weather app devoted specifically to Teton Valley called TPWea.

There’s a lot of cool stuff going on here, from the fading header image, to the animated weather icon, to some great charts and a smart implementation.

The weather data is from the Dark Sky ( API and I’ve developed a structure that consolidates their extensive amount of weather information and stores it in a database on my server, every five minutes. The API has a 1,000 hit limit per day which could be met quickly if a lot of users accessed it directly. My technique hits it a maximum of 288 times in a 24 hour period, and stores it for consumption by the many…

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Balloons 2017

Steph and I mosied on down to the Fairgrounds early this morning to watch the Balloon Launch. Mountain Country Propane has snagged the event away from Suburban so no free rides today. The morning was nice and the sky was clear and you can see seventy photos that I took by clicking the photo below.

Here’s Steph’s take: (Click photo for a few more…)

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