Birthday 2017

I celebrated my 71st birthday in Washington yesterday by staying with my boy Riley and wife Jessica at their Auburn home, and then headed to Seattle with Riley.

Starting out at Kent Station we rode the Sounder Train into town which normally doesn’t run on Sunday but it was a one shot Mariners special full of baseball heads. Then we caught a Metro bus over to the Seattle Center for the Bite Of Seattle. After that we took the Monorail to Pike Place Market and then back home on the 150. I had a great time with my boy!

It was 1630 and I realized I could jump start my return by hitting the road and ended up at a sweet rest area just West of Spokane. This morning I grabbed Andrea in Missoula and we are now back. To see some photos in the above described sequence, click the photo below.

Here’s some getting around video:

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  1. Jim says:

    Loved the time with you Dad.

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