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Photos converted to paintings

Old Barn Oil Painting

I ran one of today’s barn photos through a couple of my tools, and created this. Since I took the shot, and I applied the effects, this is an original work of art!

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Wild Flowers

Here’s some wild flowers that I photographed, and beautified, today.

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Painted Purple

One purple weed, tweaked and painted.

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Secret Beach

The Secret Beach is a tradition of mine that started back in the late sixties. It’s a beach I discovered one day rolling down the coast highway south of Carmel, CA. on a road trip with a girlfriend that I can’t even remember her name.

It’s under the Mal Paso Creek bridge, west of Clint Eastwoods ranch. I took Riley and Steph down there on our California vacation several years ago. There was a drug cave on the beach that we kind of disrupted, but that’s another story…

Here are some paintings of the beach, that I whipped up this evening:

SlideShow (Secret Beach)

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Hawk On Barn

I see so much wildlife action around me as I drive, it’s hard to keep up. Here’s a painting of a noisy hawk taking ownership of an old barn roof. Shot this morning…

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Barley Art

It’s fun to take your own photo and convert it to a different form of art. This was a brighter barley shot then the previous set, that I converted into an oil painting.

I can’t leave this on my monitor too long, I’m afraid it’s going to burn it up! :-)

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This image of me bounced off the family room window yesterday, while I was out taking pictures of the yard.

I decided to paint it, and post it…

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Steph went to a baby shower the other night and the only food they served was a bunch of small cakes, baked in thin paper cups, with frosting and sprinkles.

This is the photo she took at the event, and I just had to paint it, before posting it.

Maybe I had a bad experience with cupcakes as a kid, but I just can’t eat them…

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Eyes Of God

I took this shot yesterday, west of Victor. Looking at it last night, I really liked it, but the clouds were over-saturated. So, I ran it through my paint processor…

This is the un-retouched result. It looks like the eyes of God, gazing over the valley.

SlideShow (Eyes Of God)
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Tetonia Morning

Here’s a painting of a photo I took Monday morning in Tetonia.

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