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Photos converted to paintings

Old Barn Oil Painting

I ran one of today’s barn photos through a couple of my tools, and created this. Since I took the shot, and I applied the effects, this is an original work of art!

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Wild Flowers

Here’s some wild flowers that I photographed, and beautified, today.

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Painted Purple

One purple weed, tweaked and painted.

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Secret Beach

The Secret Beach is a tradition of mine that started back in the late sixties. It’s a beach I discovered one day rolling down the coast highway south of Carmel, CA. on a road trip with a girlfriend that I can’t even remember her name.

It’s under the Mal Paso Creek bridge, west of Clint Eastwoods ranch. I took Riley and Steph down there on our California vacation several years ago. There was a drug cave on the beach that we kind of disrupted, but that’s another story…

Here are some paintings of the beach, that I whipped up this evening:

SlideShow (Secret Beach)

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Hawk On Barn

I see so much wildlife action around me as I drive, it’s hard to keep up. Here’s a painting of a noisy hawk taking ownership of an old barn roof. Shot this morning…

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Barley Art

It’s fun to take your own photo and convert it to a different form of art. This was a brighter barley shot then the previous set, that I converted into an oil painting.

I can’t leave this on my monitor too long, I’m afraid it’s going to burn it up! :-)

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This image of me bounced off the family room window yesterday, while I was out taking pictures of the yard.

I decided to paint it, and post it…

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Steph went to a baby shower the other night and the only food they served was a bunch of small cakes, baked in thin paper cups, with frosting and sprinkles.

This is the photo she took at the event, and I just had to paint it, before posting it.

Maybe I had a bad experience with cupcakes as a kid, but I just can’t eat them…

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Eyes Of God

I took this shot yesterday, west of Victor. Looking at it last night, I really liked it, but the clouds were over-saturated. So, I ran it through my paint processor…

This is the un-retouched result. It looks like the eyes of God, gazing over the valley.

SlideShow (Eyes Of God)
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Tetonia Morning

Here’s a painting of a photo I took Monday morning in Tetonia.

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Old Road

Picture this road 100 years ago. Guess what, no change. It’s raw and rough and still being used to haul hay and barley out to the market. Located at the base of the Big Hole mountains, at the end of Packsaddle Road, it remains pristine.

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Binky Art

I was way too busy trying to keep my bus on the road today to take any photos. So, here’s some artwork I whipped up a couple nights ago. It’s has a kind of 3-D effect…

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Springs Barn

This old barn was left standing next to the million dollar Teton Springs homes built before the bust. I always liked that about this valley, they appreciate the history from whence they came. (This was photographed last week, painted today…)

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Cabin In Yellow

Took a Sunday drive this morning to supply-up out of valley. There’s just some things you can’t find here. I spotted an old cabin off the highway and grabbed these shots…

Map here

SlideShow (Cabin In Yellow)

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Driving Shoes

I inadvertently took this shot of my shoes today, as I sat in my bus. The energy given off by my driving foot, versus the foot at rest, is quite distinctive…

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